This Collectivist New York City Bill Will Hurt the Workers It Claims to Protect

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It turns out Intro 632 isn’t the only drafted Bill that the radical New York City Council has looked to pass in secrecy. 
Intro 837 is codenamed “Committee on Consumer and Worker Protection”– another Orwellian name used to snow the public into the belief that they’re getting some kind of new cost-free protection. 
It’s sponsored by three woke City Council members, Shahana Harif, Tiffany Caban, and Sandy Nurse, whose backgrounds indicate they have zero understanding of finance and economics. They’re wading into these areas that are essential to the creation of small businesses in the city of New York. The beating heart of capital markets, (Wall Street investment banks and money center banks) have made their home base in Lower Manhattan. The entire American experiment (Toqueville) of the free flow of commerce and ideas, on which we’ve led the world and cured much of the world’s poverty for more than 200 years, is under attack by three people that have the deadly combination of a loud voice and little comprehension.   
The COVID pandemic, which paved the way for one-party rule Democrat politicians to collectivize New York City by use of lockdowns, masks, and vaccine mandates, became inhospitable to Capitalism. As the city attempts to revive, it is once again dependent on the creation of small businesses. These are the dynamo for paying taxes, hiring employees, creating jobs, and cutting checks.  Because of this, other jobs are created to service the small businesses. Everything in New York City and the western commercial system radiates from small business, not from the big bulge banks that finance multi-billions of dollars of transactions for industries and even countries around the globe.  
Should Intro 837 pass, the horrible consequences that will follow, intended or unintended, will existentially threaten NYC.  
New York is considered an at-will employment state. Employers can fire employees without providing a “just cause,” for a good reason, a bad one, or no reason at all. The byproduct is employees actually are compelled to work hard, compete, produce, and add value. One has to climb the greasy pole. These are the hallmarks of a productive work environment and functioning society. Creation and innovation are spurred in this atmosphere.
If Harif, Caban, and Nurse get their way, and Collectivism prevails in yet another woke aspect of kook-ville New York City, there will be dire consequences that will naturally hurt those that the social justice warriors pretend to champion but always end up hurting the most. 
Before getting into the incoming disasters, let’s examine the three New York City Council members' time in the private sector. It will come as zero surprise that it’s scant and they post no economic credentials. 
Hanif, 31 years old, has seemingly only worked in government. Since 2017, at 26 years of age, she began work for Councilman Brad Lander. 
Sandy Nurse, 38 years old, is another job creator. Actually, no, she’s actually been dedicated to killing jobs. “Most of her work has been dedicated to ending imaginary white supremacy, fighting for a transition away from the fossil fuel economy, and demanding our public agencies and servants are accountable to the people, not corporations”, as per her website. Prior to this, she was an entry-stage employee in the hospitality industry and a community organizer. 
Caban, 35 years old was a public defender who worked for New York County Defender Services and the Legal Aid Society
All three women “identify” as minorities but are highly privileged yet lacking all self-awareness, have gone to war against a fictional entity they label “white supremacy.”  Should they be successful, they’ll put all entry-level employees, like they recently were, in peril.  
Now, as to the likely byproduct of removing the ability to fire at-will, well, let’s get real, the lower socioeconomic, minorities, and new immigrants will be screwed. Why? They’ll skip the entry-level people that these three clowns think they’re protecting. Employers will go straight to people that have already gotten halfway up the greasy pole and operate on merit and that have a rap sheet of working rather than looting or starting lawsuits because they don’t have a safe space. In other words, the people that Harif, Nurse, and Caban are pretending to protect won’t be hired in the first place because of their Bill.  Ironically, these three are the prototype of people that would have been skipped over in the beginning. They wouldn’t have had entry-level jobs and now that they’ve worked their way into city government, minus any pedigree, they’re promoting employment suicide, but in their case, ten years too late.  
150 years ago, hardworking immigrants came to New York for the opportunity to work hard and the streets were paved with gold.  Now, our new arrivals are coming here under the expectation that the streets are paved with handouts. “Fixing” things that aren’t broke isn’t a career.  


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