Human Events Hires Ben Kew as Editor-at-Large

(Washington, DC) – Today, Human Events announced that it has hired journalist Ben Kew as its new Editor-at-Large.

“I am absolutely thrilled to have Ben join the Human Events team. I have long known Ben to be a very talented journalist. He brings a unique perspective and expertise to the outlet, and to the Human Events Media Group as a whole. I’m very excited to see how he applies his skills to help propel Human Events to the next level," said Celine Ryan Ciccio, Managing Editor of Human Events.

Kew, who hails from the United Kingdom, first became interested in conservatism while studying languages at Bristol University. He started his journalism career at Breitbart London before crossing the Atlantic to cover Congress in the company’s DC bureau. He went on to become the company’s Latin America correspondent focusing on the growing threats of communism from Colombia and Venezuela.

In 2020, Kew left Breitbart News to join El American, a freedom-focused media company aimed at America’s growing Hispanic population, as their English Editor. Over the years, he has also contributed to publications including The Spectator, The Critic, The Independent, PanAm Post and Spiked Online.

“I am delighted to be joining Human Events at this critical juncture of America’s political history,” said Kew. “Given the dominance of left-leaning legacy media outlets, the importance of offering powerful alternatives is greater than ever. I am excited to help build upon the magazine’s journalistic heritage and record of conservative advocacy with the aim of making it the new media powerhouse that Jeff Webb and the leadership team envision.”

Human Events is part of the Human Events Media Group, which earlier this year acquired conservative news outlet The Post Millennial.
Human Events Media Group is comprised of some of the most followed and influential journalists and commentators in the conservative media world including Jack Posobiec, Charlie Kirk, Libby Emmons, Andy Ngo, Katie Daviscourt, Ari Hoffman, Brent Hamachek, and Chris Barron alongside a deep bench of staff writers, editors, and podcasters.

Image: Title: Ben Kew


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