MCCOTTER: Democrats– Projecting Civil War to Promote Voter Turnout

In a wholly irresponsible and insidious attempt to hang onto their rightly endangered Congressional majority, the Democratic Party has gone all in on projecting civil war to promote their voter turnout.

The Democrat Party, which is now beholden to the radical Left, realizes that the voters have soured on their agenda and actions.  After a brief narrative spate that they have passed major legislation the public should embrace, their unpopularity sank in as they sagged in the polls. Inflation is rising; crime is rampant; the southern border is porous; parental rights are endangered by the education (i.e., indoctrination) establishment; and abortion on demand up until the moment of birth is poised to be codified in many states across the nation – the litany of policy failures continues unabated.

Yet, for just such an electoral emergency, they’d already broken the glass when they established the January 6th committee.  This would be the narrative crux from which the Democrats would project their “civil war” by “domestic MAGA extremists” against “our democracy” to scare their voters witless and corral them to the polls to preserve the radical party’s tenuous grip on power.   

With the aid of an enabling media, the Democrats have managed to make a mountain of insurrection out of a half-assed riot.  Still, outside of their Left-wing base, the bulk of Americans view January 6th with less frightened eyes than the Democrats had hoped. Thus, the Biden administration and Congressional Democrats restarted the weaponization of the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation begun under the Obama administration to buttress the narrative that their democracy is poised to be destroyed by domestic terrorists.

Recent speeches warning of an impending civil war if Democrats aren’t elected, Mr. Biden and members of his administration, Mr. Obama, Ms. Hillary Clinton, and a host of Leftist pundits and activists have chimed in to demonize populist and other Republicans as would-be and actual domestic terrorists; and project and perpetuate this antic animadversion to deflect voter attention away from their policy failures.  And, should reality intrude to threaten the Democrats’ bogus narrative, a dutiful Fourth Estate sweeps pesky contradictory events under the rug – such as a young Republican being run over by a Democrat.

For the Democrats, warning of a civil war to promote their voters’ turnout is the ultimate act of projection. From the moment President Trump was elected, the Democrats have declared war on his supporters, in particular, and the Republican Party, in general. 

The Democrats’ “resistance” to a duly elected president both without and within the federal government proved wildly successful to undermining him in the administration of his duties, in the preservation of his Congressional majority, and, finally, in his reelection.  Emboldened, the Democrats have continued their declaration of war on MAGA, Republicans, and, in fact all dissent – just ask concerned K-12 parents who are suspected of being budding domestic terrorists by the Biden FBI and DOJ.

Will the Democrats’ paranoid “civil war” strategy to promote voter turnout work?  It will with its radical base.  After all, those who buy into identity politics often feel empowered by virtue of their alleged “victimhood”; and, sensing they are oppressed, it doesn’t take much for them to feel alarmed that malevolent actors are bent upon exacerbating it.  This is the malevolent method to Mr. Biden’s “put you back in chains,” his recent MAGA speech, and, indeed, his party’s “civil war” narrative.  Think of it as a just another cynical riff on their electoral trope – “I’ll save you  from those fascists” – with a dash of the Left’s trademark narcissism – “or else democracy will die!”

Whether the Democrats’ hideous civil war narrative will successfully turn out their voters remains to be seen.  Nonetheless, their reckless turnout tactic has ensured that the Democrats' weaponization of the police and surveillance powers of the state to silence dissent and cancel half the country will continue apace at least through 2024.  If they win, they will be flush with success and increase their repression of their opponents.  If they lose, their paranoia and resentment will put Democrats’ repression into overdrive, especially with an impending presidential election.

Unlike the planet, the electorate can say “no” and reject a failed Democratic Party that can only offer “fear, itself.”  What will not be so easy to rectify is the civic division their “civil war” rhetoric has wrought.  Regressing back to their “party of secession” roots, by venally conflating the perpetuation of their majority with American democracy and declaring war on the opponents of the radical Leftist agenda, in their febrile, carnaptious minds Democrats have justified to themselves the eradication of their “fascist Nazi” opponents by any means fair or foul.  After all, their democracy – hell, the planet and life, itself – hang in the balance, no?  Consequently, if the opposition to these Leftist totalitarians fails to unite, they will hang us separately.

The first chance for dissenters to unite will be this November, when they can turn out in force to reject the Democrat reprehensible rhetoric and radical, failed policies.  This initial chance may well also determine whether there will be another.  

A Human Events contributor, the Hon. Thaddeus G. McCotter (M.C., Ret.) represented Michigan’s 11th Congressional district from 2003-2012, and served as Chair of the Republican House Policy Committee. Not a lobbyist, he is a frequent public speaker and moderator for public policy seminars; and a Monday co-host of the "John Batchelor Radio Show," among sundry media appearances.


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