LIBBY EMMONS: Biden Issues Transhumanist Biotechnology EO Calling to 'Program Biology in the Same Way' We Program 'Computers'

Biden ran for president on an agenda of crises : Covid, the economy, racism, and climate change. Along the way, he promised to cure cancer, tasked every government agency with finding more ways to support gender identity over biological sex, and now per a new action plan, he intends to wield the power of the federal government to remake society through genetic engineering and other biotech programs, as well as massive data collection. In other words, he’s going to spend federal funds on a transhumanist agenda for societal recreation.

Transhumanism is the intentional evolution of human beings by integrating them with technology. Biden’s latest executive order on “advancing biotechnology and biomanufacturing” is designed to “achieve our societal goals” through “genetic engineering” that will reprogram human cells to “program biology” much as is currently done with computers, and will employ artificial intelligence to do so, while reducing commercial regulations. Biden has issued nearly 100 executive orders during his time in office.

“For biotechnology and biomanufacturing to help us achieve our societal goals,” the order reads, “the United States needs to invest in foundational scientific capabilities. We need to develop genetic engineering technologies and techniques to be able to write circuitry for cells and predictably program biology in the same way in which we write software and program computers; unlock the power of biological data, including through computing tools and artificial intelligence; and advance the science of scale-up production while reducing the obstacles for commercialization so that innovative technologies and products can reach markets faster.”

The concept of rewriting cells has been undertaken by the company CRISPR, and concerns have been raised that genetic engineering could lead to eugenics, wherein parents will undertake to create “designer babies,” and human beings who are not genetically engineered will suffer a disadvantage. This bioengineering would also be available for other sectors as well as medicine, and could have a huge impact on food production, forestry, and other areas.

The stated goal of the Biden administration is to achieve “societal goals” through biotech, which essentially means that anything and everything is possible for permutation.

Additionally, the order undertakes to create biotech data banks, which, after the digital medical records provisions were enacted via Obamacare, or the ACA, would be a much simpler task as medical records are already digitally available to doctors, providers, and insurance companies.

The plans for how to go about this total transformation of society and the expansion of the federal medical industrial complex will be a whole government approach, and the administration lays out an 11-point plan. These include pushing federal funding into biotech and biomanufacturing to “further societal goals.” The plan is to create a “biological data system,” which is a term that should make any American stand on their heels and say “no.” The administration will create a “diverse” workforce to achieve these goals, to create regulations for the use of these technologies that are aligned with their values, and create, of course, climate incentives for use of biotech and biomanufacturing.

This executive order goes well beyond Biden’s purview as president or the authority of the federal government. It is an attempt to remake humanity entirely into a race of beings that are integrally linked with technology to the point where it is impossible to differentiate man from machine.

Biden’s new plan, as laid out in this executive order, is to get every federal agency to employ its departments to use biotechnology to solve problems in health, climate change, energy, food security, agriculture, supply chain resilience, and national and economic security. What that means is that biotechnology, in the words of the administration, will “harness the power of biology to create new services and products.”

The breadth and scope of these new services and products, the EO states, were inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic. That pandemic, the administration states, showed what biotechnology and biomanufacturing can do when broadly employed across society on a large scale. The pandemic brought technological advancements in a number of areas, from pharmaceuticals and testing to tracking and surveillance. Biden also used Covid to advance a “ mental health ” agenda, which called for more investment in behavioral health specialists for kids, many of whom are already overprescribed .

This new EO undertakes to use biotechnology and biomanufacturing to develop “and produce life-saving diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines.” Additionally, they intend to use biotechnology and biomanufacturing in their efforts to curb the effects of climate change, including the move from fossil fuels to wind and solar energy. They want to bring these kinds of medical technologies into food manufacturing and production, as well as in supply chain management.

However, in addressing how the EO is to be implemented, the administration discusses ways that the biotechnological advancements will be “developed and deployed in ways that align with United States principals and values and international best practices, and not in ways that lead to accidental or deliberate harm to people, animals, or the environment.”

At first glance, this reads as though safeguards will be put in place to protect people from the potential harms of merging human beings with technology. But assumptions on this front cannot be made. The administration has shown time and again that its values do not align with those of the American people.

The Biden administration has termed racism and climate change both public health crises, and has used that designation to make sweeping changes to society, bypassing Congress, directly from the Oval Office. Shortly after taking office in January 2021, Biden issued an executive order “putting the climate crisis at the center of United States foreign policy and national security.”

What this means in practice is that the administration will team up with global leaders to squash fossil fuel production and move the global economy to one reliant on wind, solar, and renewable energies, whether nations and individuals want that to be pushed upon them or not. The plan here is to “pursue green recovery efforts, initiatives to advance the clean energy transition, sectoral decarbonization, and alignment of financial flows with the objectives of the Paris Agreement, including with respect to coal financing, nature-based solutions, and solutions to other climate-related challenges.”

When the Biden administration says they seek to protect the environment, they mean they intend to do so by the global transformation of energy infrastructure to suit a green agenda, even at the risk of industrialized and developing nations that depend on fossil fuel and the prosperity it enables.

When the Biden administration claims that the biotechnology advancements will be done ethically and in line with American values, they mean as aligned with their own values that prioritize opportunity for some racial groups over others, and distribute resources based on identity characteristics such as gender identity.

The administration has tasked every federal agency to respond with plans to further these initiatives within 180 days, which means that in May 2023, each and every federal agency will have submitted plans as to how best to implement these far-reaching plans to use biotechnology to further the societal goals of the Biden administration.

Biden set similar expectations for federal agency compliance with his gender initiatives. In response, the Department of Education issued a proposal to do away with women’s sports and have athletic divisions based only on gender identity, the Department of Agriculture issued rules saying that if a school did not allow boys and girls to congregate in the same bathrooms that school would be denied federal school lunch aid, and the Department of Health and Human Services determined that insurance companies must fund breast enlargement for men or face charges of discrimination.

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