POSOBIEC: America Has Become ‘The Purge’ Country—Leave Cities Now

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  • 09/21/2022

Human Events Daily host Jack Posobiec provided a stern warning to Americans who live in cities, after highlighting how the United States had turned into a country similar to the once dystopian action horror film The Purge, wherein a seemingly normal, crime-free America in the near-future is shown to be a nightmarish hellscape for a 12-hour period once residents take part in an annual event called "the Purge," which temporarily allows for all crime, including murder, to be decriminalized.

“America is now The Purge country,” said Posobiec. “Go look at a city like Memphis, Tennessee. Where kindergarten teachers can't go out for a jog in the morning without being murdered, and possibly raped, where people are running around doing spree killings on Facebook Live when they should've been locked up in jail, but not. And yet this goes on live on social media."

Posobiec was referring to the shooting death of four people allegedly caused by 19-year-old Ezekiel Kelly on Wednesday, who is accused of broadcasting the event while doing so.

Kelly allegedly began his frenzy around 12:56 am on Wednesday morning when he gunned down a man in his driveway. He then began his day and brandished his weapon randomly around town. Kelly then unloaded on another man around 4:38 pm as he rested in his car, killing him instantly. A few minutes later he shot a woman in the leg near Memphis' I-240. She survived having only been shot in the leg. He then began shooting randomly around town.

Kelly was convicted of aggravated assault in 2021 and sentenced to three years, but released early. Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland said, "If Mr. Kelly served his full three-year sentence, he would still be in prison today and four of our fellow citizens would still be alive."

Posobiec continued: "Washington, DC, there's now a man in custody who was firing shots from a rooftop, exposing himself in public, and then spent hours climbing across the wires in northwest DC."

According to Fox 5 DC, the man, who allegedly sparked a standoff that lasted hours on Wednesday, was experiencing a "mental health crisis" when he "climbed across power lines from one side of the street to the other. He sat along tree branches and when police weren't able to get him down, they inflated what appeared to be a giant moon bounce on the street below."

Posobiec then pointed to California, where he noted that "Power outages at night in California, in a heatwave, while violent criminals are allowed to roam the streets" are taking place. "This was a movie called The Purge, it was science fiction, but now it's reality. This is real life in the United States of America."

"So it's a simple question," Posobiec said. "Do we want to continue to live in this country in the way that we currently do, where people are terrified? Where people are asking, 'how do we carry more guns' because they need to protect themselves.

Posobiec warned young parents that if they haven't already left city centers, that they need to do so immediately, as they are near collapse. 

"If you're in one of these cities, you just got to get out of there. You've got to get out of there for the time being so that they can collapse. They're going to collapse. I'm telling you. This is what's coming. We know the people that live there continue to vote for these District Attorneys, they continue to vote for insane justice schemes where they allow violent criminals out on the streets.

"So, if that's what they're going to be, then fine. But you know what, you don't want your kids there, you don't want your family there, you don't want anything yo own there. 

"Carjackings in tunnels. What are you even going to do if you get carjacked in a tunnel? You can't go. What if your kids are in a car when they come to carjack you. Have you even thought of that?

"Because I'm a young parent, and I've got two little boys and I'm talking to other parents in our friend groups, outside of communities. People are freaked out right now,” he added.


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