WATCH: Charlie Kirk Slams New Guidelines to Lower Ages for Medical Gender Transition of Kids

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  • 09/08/2022

Charlie Kirk joined Laura Ingraham on The Ingraham Angle on Tuesday night to discuss the issue of the medical gender transition of children and teens. As the new guidelines from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) are about to drop, parents across the country are waking up to the realization that, despite the massive pushback against medical gender transition of kids and teens, the industry itself is not only going full steam ahead, but is recommending medical gender transition start even lower than in does already.

Ingraham addressed concerns about these changes with a woman who had undergone medical gender transition only to realize that it didn't change her sex. Cat Cattinson, who detransitioned, told Ingraham about the fallout from the years of cross-sex hormones she'd taken, which ruined her voice. Cattison had been a singer before transitioning.

Cattison said that children are not able to consent to medical gender transition, this after presenting as male for 15 years. She said that if she can detransition as an adult, there's no reason kids should be subjected to this.

"You can judge a society based on how we treat our children," Kirk said. "These guidelines— it might seem a little wonky or out there— this is very important stuff for your audience understand. These guidelines are then used as reference points for the largest children's hospitals across the country to then be able to medically mutilate children."

Boston Children's Hospital, Lurie in Chicago, National Children's in Washington, DC, as well as Los Angeles Children's Hospital, Seattle Children's Hospital, and others, follow WPATH guidelines for their standards of care of how to treat gender dysphoric youth. Boston Children's Hospital pioneered the prescription of puberty blockers for treatment of gender dysphoria, which is not recommended either by the maker of Lupron, the pharmaceutical company AbbVie, or by the FDA.

The FDA recently issued warnings about the use of puberty blockers in kids, saying that they have been found to lead to brain swelling, vision loss, as well as other concerns, such as early bone loss.

"And this is happening in cities where those same children would not be able to vote, get a tattoo, they're not able to buy liquor," Kirk said, "and yet they're able to go into a surgical procedure at age 15 or 16 and have irreversible damage. This is something that adults across the country regardless of political party, we need to listen to the people that have actually suffered under this and draw the line and this we don't have time to go into this right now. But there's so much profit here that the pharmaceutical companies stand to make from this. This is not about care. It's not about compassion. It's about profit off the backs of our children. It's disgusting and it's reprehensible."

"There's still a severe lack of evidence into the long term outcomes of transitioning," Cattison said, "but recent studies show detransition rates going higher and higher. So from some studies that came out this year, it's coming out to between 7 and 30 percent, which is quite a bit higher than some older studies that examined surgical regret."

"And one thing I want to add is that this whole method of puberty blockers to cross sex hormones, to surgeries, this is not based on solid scientific evidence. It's actually based on only one study, a Dutch study that had just 70 participants. And actually one person in the study tragically passed away from complications from the genital surgery. So that's that's a 1.4 percent mortality rate and yet, that is the study that the WPATH is using to base these guidelines for currently treating children with gender dysphoria on."

"It's been the most difficult thing I've ever gone through in my life," Cattison said. "Professionally as a singer, I'd say in addition to the health side effects I experienced the way it affected my career as a singer has been the hardest thing to deal with. My singing and speaking voice will never be the same after my time on testosterone and it's actually painful to use my voice for more than a limited time now because of the vocal damage that I obtained from testosterone."

She said that there's "a growing number of detransitioners," and she hopes that people hear their stories and don't go down the same path.

Kirk, a new father himself, encouraged people to speak out. "Parents step up. It doesn't matter what they call you. This is the fight right now for decency and biological reality," he said.

Those guidelines from WPATH intend to make these changes: "For cross-sex hormones, the recommended minimum age has been lowered to 14, from 16 in the previous guidelines. The recommended age limit for double mastectomies of healthy breasts has been lowered to 15, and for male minors seeking breast augmentation, WPATh recommends 16 years old as the lower age limit. That is also the age limit, per WPATH's draft guidelines, for facial surgeries and tracheal shaves. The age for genital surgeries, such as hysterectomy and vaginoplasty, has been lowered to 17, a year earlier than previous guidance," according to The Post Millennial.

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