WATCH: Charlie Kirk says Joe Biden is a fascist

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  • 08/30/2022

Speaking with Fox News on Monday night, Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk called President Joe Biden a "fascist" after Florida GOP office was vandalized with graffiti that read "fascists"

"Okay, if you're going to call us a bunch of fascists, we're not going to take that anymore. You're the fascist Joe Biden, and there's other words we could use as well," Kirk said.

Host Sean Duffy said, speaking in reference to a recent comment of Biden in which he called MAGA conservatism "semi-fascism."

"We're already seeing the effects of what Biden said today. RNC Chairwoman Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel tweeted out this picture, writing 'The Seminole County GOP office was vandalized overnight the criminals echoed Biden's fascist slander. The GOP will not be intimidated.' Charlie, are you expecting to see more of this with Biden's rhetoric and Democrats acting on that rhetoric?"

"Unfortunately, yes," Kirk responded.

"And we see this on college campuses all the time. When I visit college campuses, I see the increase of violence and hatred and you look at what's happening on colleges as almost the Wuhan lab-equivalent of the places where this sort of behavior is incubated. Where, where do you think that idea of where fascism and the idea of fighting fascism comes from? It comes from UC Berkeley and Stanford and Yale, that's where it becomes cool. And then it germinates the rest of society," Kirk continued.

"So unfortunately, I do expect the kind of violence to continue," he added.

Kirk said that the right needs to remain "peaceful," but added that "I do think that if they're going to escalate the language, then game on. Like, okay, if you're going to call us a bunch of fascists, we're not going to take that anymore. You're the fascist Joe Biden, and there's other words we could use as well."

"We're not gonna be like, 'well, I'd like to go back to the time of 2014.' I'm sorry, it's over. That's done. They're calling you the worst thing that could be called in decent political conversation," Kirk continued. "And what are we going to do? 'Like, oh, well, we need to find a common ground.' No, we have to win."

"We have to displace these people from power right now. Pay attention. This is the Rubicon that’s been crossed when they call half the country fascists."

In a speech given last week by Biden in Maryland, he equated MAGA conservatism to "semi-fascism."

"What we’re seeing now is either the beginning or the death knell of an extreme MAGA philosophy," Biden said. "It’s not just Trump, it’s the entire philosophy that underpins the — I’m going to say something, it’s like semi-fascism."

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