MCCOTTER: It’s a Bad Time to Have a Good Memory

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  • 09/21/2022

As a relatively young country, America has a tendency to ignore history, if not outright disdain it.  This ahistorical impulse is manifested in the citizenry’s incessant craving for the novel in every realm of daily life, be it economic, cultural, social, spiritual, medical, or political.  What’s new is improved; and what’s old is discarded (unless and until it becomes “retro” within a passing fad).  Within the public this engenders a short attention span and a desire for “progress” which the Left deliberately conflates with “desirable” to attain its political aims.  (After all, one can progress into a better person; or one can progress off a precipice.  What matters is the destination.)

The public’s short attention span and desire for progress is remorselessly exploited by the Left.  What recourse does it have, really?  The Left still bitterly clings to its belief that socialism works, despite the failures and horrors of that oppressive economic system throughout modern history.  Consequently, as history has proven socialism to be lethally flawed, the Left – which once proclaimed communism’s historical inevitability was “scientific” – has been forced to shove history down the memory hole in its efforts to “reimagine” and “recreate” civilization.  Spawned and slithering forth from the primordial ooze of the anti-Enlightenment rantings of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the Left’s stubborn insistence on societal self-immolation has its adherents in members of the Democratic Party and other smaller Leftist parties who have forgotten or ignored this lesson of history.  

Today, for the Left history is the enemy, as it reveals the intrinsic flaws and ineluctable failings of its corrupt ideology: specifically, that human nature can never be perfected and, ergo, their promised terrestrial Eden be attained by the omnipotent government they crave.  Nonetheless, the Left preys upon the public’s short attention span and desire for “progress” by busking the future and burying the past.  And the Left does so in matters large and small across the board to facilitate its indoctrination and control of its adherents; and the repression of its opponents.  In the Left’s burgeoning fascist state that is being midwifed by an anile puppet of a president and his handlers, their war on history escalates as the mid-term elections impends.

For example, the “update” of the Biden administration’s CDC guidelines occurred with little fanfare – certainly not when compared to its past pontifications regarding mask and vaccine mandates.  With the mid-term elections impending, the revision was timed to soothe the anger of an imposed upon citizenry and abet its forgetting of all the disinformation and coercion that the Democrats and some establishment Republicans put them through during the pandemic.  That the new guidelines are precisely what the opponents of the past guidelines had been censored and cancelled for proposing was masked by the risible claim that the earlier mandates had made this update possible.  

But the creation of an unfalsifiable narrative that is immune to historical contradiction, is but one of the potent weapons the Left and its complicit media cohorts wield in its war on history and memory.

Regarding COVID, has anyone finally determined where the virus originated?  If it was created in a gain of function experiment, was it accidentally or deliberately released?  And who, if not nature, was behind its creation?

So, too, has anyone honestly analyzed the politicized science behind permitting the mostly peaceful 2020 riots during a pandemic? Has anyone heard lately about the ultimate legal resolutions and statistics for those who committed crimes when the Left took to the streets to cause the chaos they then duplicitously ascribed to “Donald Trump’s America”?  Indeed, how often are the number and types of crimes even mentioned?  How many people were actually charged?  How many were under charged?  How many did Left-wing district attorneys decline to prosecute?

What ever happened to all the contributions BLM and other organizations reaped in the wake of the mostly peaceful riots?  Was there ever a full audit of these organizations to ensure they went to the purported recipients and/or projects and programs?  Did the corporate donor community ever ask for such an audit?  Did they even want to?

Remember how the Left wanted to defund the police?  And they sought this even as they indiscriminately destroyed private and public property, and a media glorified rabble named Antifa declared “autonomous zones” in Portland and menaced other communities?  

On the subject of prosecutions or the lack thereof, has the leaker of the Supreme Court’s draft decision in the Dobbs case been discovered and punished?

Has an objective entity confirmed the party that allegedly hacked into the DNC server?  Was it, indeed, a hack or an unauthorized accessing by other means?  Regardless, has the offender faced the due consequences for their actions?

Has the murderer of Seth Rich been brought to justice to help bring closure to his family and friends, and reduce the number of violent criminals in our midst?

Did anyone – such as an adversarial nation – hack into or otherwise access the top-secret information then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton extra-legally placed on private servers?  Given the destruction of evidence in the case, what was in her possession?  Will anyone ever be prosecuted for this and/or for the destruction of evidence and obstruction of justice related to the case – or is the statute of limitations for such crimes tolled after one news cycle?

Is there an actual listing of individuals – prominent or otherwise – who consorted with deceased sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein?  Did we ever find out why all the institutional procedures and safeguards surrounding him failed to prevent his death in custody?

Has the complicit media been held accountable for colluding with Democrats to censor the truth about Hunter Biden’s laptop and propagate the lie that it was Russian disinformation, so as to influence the 2020 election in favor of Joe Biden?  Has anyone, especially former members of the intelligence and national security establishment who crafted and spread that lie in the first place been held to account?

In terms of elections and the disinformation to undermine them, has the complicit media been held accountable for colluding with the Hillary Clinton campaign and her allies within the federal government’s Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation to spread the monstrous, seditious lie of Russia-gate?  Has anyone who participated in the manufacturing and spreading of that lie been held to account?

Speaking of undermining the credibility of elections, who recalls the lengths to which the Democrats went to have the Electoral College members change their votes from Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton?  Who recalls the protests, demonstrations, ads, op-eds, etc.?

Remember when Time magazine ran that article where the Left bragged about what they did to rig the 2020 election?  Remember how elected Democrats unilaterally changed elections laws to gain partisan advantage?  How about when Democratic Secretaries of State and local clerks took “Zuck Bucks” from a multi-billionaire to drive out the Democratic vote in key areas and, so doing, brought into question the impartiality of the operations of their offices?

On the matter of the Left’s corrupt weaponization of the governmental power to attain its ends and repress dissent, as the Biden administration accelerates the Left’s weaponization of the police, surveillance, and taxing powers of the federal government in its recent InflationProduction Act, which more than doubles the number of I.R.S. agents, how many remember when the Obama administration weaponized that agency against its opponents?  Was anyone ever held to account for it?

Speaking of the Obama administration, how many remember the Fast and Furious fiasco?  How many remember Attorney General and “wing man” Eric Holder being held in contempt of Congress and what constituted his punishment; or, unlike Steve Bannon, was the warrant for Mr. Holder’s arrest misplaced beside the national park signs marked with false predictions about climate change?

As for contemptuously flouting the law, have James Clapper and John Brennan been held accountable for lying under oath to Congress; or is there a legal exception for perjury if the criminals later become CNN contributors?  

Has anyone other than a middling bureaucrat been held responsible for FISA-gate, in which a court was deceived to acquire search warrants against the Democrats’ political opponents?  For unmasking American citizens and leaking their names to the complicit media?  For politically persecuting Gen. Michael Flynn?

In terms of national security, has anyone been held accountable for Mr. Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal debacle, including leaving our fellow citizens and Afghan allies – including women and children – to meet their fate at the bloody hands of the Taliban?

Hey, as the Biden administration tries to resurrect the suicidal Iran nuke deal, has anyone heard much about Iran’s exportation and encouragement of terrorism, including lethal attacks on Americans in Iraq and the most recent stabbing of author Salman Rushdie?

Me, neither.  But we’re not alone.  For while the totalitarian Left intensifies its censorship and political persecutions against its opponents, one doesn’t need to be reminded that it’s a bad time to have a good memory.  And a dangerous time to dissent.

No need to take my word for it.  Ask all the crisis pregnancy centers, Pro-life groups, and Catholic Churches being targeted by Leftist violence.  The willful obliviousness that emboldens it by the Biden administration, the Garland DOJ, elected Democrats, and the complicit media is the first step toward shoving this latest outrage down the public’s memory hole

Right behind the Sanders supporter shooting the GOP Congressional baseball team; a Leftist abortion supporter attempting to assassinate a conservative Supreme Court Justice; numerous public attacks where the killer and/or the victim didn’t fit the Leftist narrative of who constitutes a domestic threat; the booming Trump economy that had real wages growing for the first time in decades, record levels of employment for minorities and women, and attained American energy independence; et cetera, et cetera, et cetera….

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