KRAYDEN: We Are Living in the Great Leap Forward — Into Hell

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  • 03/02/2023

The Dutch Farmers have been sticking it to the European Union (EU) “green” leadership of Europe and the world. They have been protesting for a couple of weeks now.

The Dutch farmers have had it and they are not going to take it anymore. There has been burning of bales on major roadways, spraying manure at government buildings and even the police, blocking food distribution centers and roadways, and a supermarket company funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation went up in flames. There has even been a purchase of a tank and a tractor converted into a tank circulating on social media. At concerts the Dutch people have been supporting their farmers with everyone wearing red kerchiefs, straw hats, and throwing straw in the air like confetti. The grocery shelves in Holland are emptying rapidly with real food shortage: “No farmers. No Food.” is how the farmers have put it very succinctly.

Embed Video tractors lined up: No Farmers No Food:

The farmers have warned the Netherland’s Prime Minister Mark Rutte: “The protests will continue. We have the support of millions of people. There will be actions that Holland has never seen before."  And now the European farmers from Germany, Poland and Italy have joined the protests.

The protests in some ways have echoed what took place in Canada in February with the Freedom Convoy truckers and the Dutch farmers say they are inspired by the Canadian protest. The Canadian Freedom protests were caused by vaccine mandates and border restrictions that took away Canadian and US unvaccinated truckers’ ability to do transborder trucking. Many of these border restrictions are still in place and actually stopping food imports and supplies farmers need.

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On the surface the issues are different: the Dutch farmers are protesting plans for Holland to severely limit their usage of fertilizer to appease the “green” lords of the EU. Although different on the surface, the issues at the core are the same. Normal and average people who are trying to live their lives peacefully, now have the state in many countries around the world, violently intruding on their lives and their livelihoods, based on a seemingly ideological whim.

Very dangerous, is that food inflation is at record levels, at the same time the elite ideologue leaders of many western nations seem hell-bent on interfering in our food system. This is the overwhelming thread that ties all the current events together in a terrifying way.

Because, of course, the people making up the regulations in Europe and here at home have no idea what they are doing and what it means to the food system. Most of them have never stepped on a farm.

We are living in a strange time that keeps getting stranger. We seem to be living the “Great Leap Forward” or as Prime Minister Trudeau and the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Klaus Schwab calls it -- the “Great Reset”.

What some thought was conspiracy has now become daily headlines.

Up to now, it has been in slow motion, but we are potentially on the brink of living through a Soviet-style world famine caused by ideologues. The climate change fanatics are laying it out for us in carefully planned steps. If things do not turn around very quickly, we could be living through unheard of food shortages if these corporate elitists get their way.

Let me explain what’s happening.

Take note of what is happening in Sri Lanka. The island nation off to the Southeast of India has been known for tea and unrest for centuries but the people there have shown the world what to do with the green new deal. The people have taken over their corrupt leaders’ palaces. They are jumping in their pools, using their exercise equipment in unconcealed glee, happy to have got rid of these politicians.

Sri Lanka was doing alright, until their leaders decided to bow down to the World Bank and WEF and become a model green state with a near perfect Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) assessment.

What the hell is that you might ask? Well, it means, the most significant thing that you do as a country is what you are doing to arrest climate change.

In the process, how the people of the country live or even survive isn’t a consideration; it just doesn’t matter if the people live or die. If you need to starve people to get a high ESG, that’s OK as long as your ESG has that high mark with the proper level of virtue signaling to appease the World Bank.

Just ask Sri Lanka how that worked out.

We have been subject to the madness of climate change gurus now for over a decade. So far it has meant paying a lot more for supposedly “evil” fossil fuels because carbon dioxide is leading to world catastrophe while the elites making up the new rules have been using private jets and limousines as they come up with the “Great Reset”.

First it was global warming but when the weather didn’t cooperate, it became climate change because it doesn’t matter if the temperature rises or falls, it could all be blamed on fossil fuels.

But now the climate change fanatics, when they are not obsessing over cow farts, want to limit or eliminate the usage of fertilizer by farmers because it is producing too much nitrogen. This is why the farmers in the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and Italy are rising up to combat the severe regulations which will hugely cut their ability to produce crops. Many will go broke and lose their farms.

All this is happening at the same time that . World leader’s like Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau have been saying that Canada, the prairies of which are also known as a breadbasket, can fill the food gap.

But how will this be possible when the Trudeau Government in Canada is pricing fertilizer out of reach for Canadian farmers due to 35% tariffs on incoming fertilizer imports from Russia at the same time they are also moving forward on new regulations to limit farmer’s fertilizer usage the same as Holland?

The United States is also following suit.

Modern fertilizers in agriculture are one of the biggest reasons why the world is not currently experiencing mass starvation. Nitrogen is an essential component. Reducing the farmers’ fertilizer usage will lead to greatly reduced crop yields for farmers in Holland, across Europe, Canada, the USA, and around the globe. It will send many farmers into bankruptcy and lead to even greater spikes in food prices where we are experiencing record inflation already.

This has nothing to do with the environment. The interfering state in these western nations is moving in on these farmers’ land, lives, and destiny.

It wants to take away our freedom.

Where have we seen this before? Where have we seen the state take away farmers’ resources, expect them to produce high yield crops with no tools, with the end goal of taking over people’s land and making serfs out of them in the name of a political ideology?

In 1932 Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin began starving people in Ukraine and surrounding areas in order to institute the industrialization of Russia. Stalin had already collectivized the Russian agricultural system and liquidated the “kulaks,” those unfortunate farmers and entrepreneurs. It was then time for the killer Five Year Plan.

In order to feed the large influx of workers he had to remove the food from the rural areas. You see, according to Karl Marx, the communist revolution was supposed to occur in an industrialized country, not a backwards, agrarian one like Russia. Ironically, it was Ukraine that paid the greatest price of this ideological experiment with the “Holodomor,” the Great Famine orchestrated by Stalin in 1932 that killed millions of Ukrainians. Stalin ended up murdering between 5 and 10 million people in the name of ideology. But he got the check mark beside the industrialization box, even though industry would never function efficiently in the Soviet Union and would eventually grind to a halt.

Likewise, in 1958, Mao Ze Dong, the largest mass murderer of the twentieth century and probably of all time, decided that Chinese communism wasn’t progressing fast enough and it was time to eradicate some more peasants and push some more industrialism as per Karl Marx.

Hence, his edict that the “Great Leap Forward” … moved forward.

A leap forward, into hell.

Mao, like Stalin, ripped up the food supply, took it all for the state and redistributed it as he saw fit. Millions, tens of millions died in the process. Even the industrialization was a sorry failure. But what mattered to Mao, and what mattered to the arbitrators of their ideology is that Mao was fighting for a cause, for doing what he thought was right -- even if millions of his own people had to die for him to prove his point.

The World Economic Forum now judges nations through an ideological lens, under a completely bogus scale, that has become Sri Lanka’s downfall, the Environmental Social and Governance assessment.

So, let’s just think about this for a minute. What historical states would be getting praise for their environmental work despite having to murder millions of people to do so?

Well, Nazi Germany had a strong “back to nature” movement that advocated hiking and vacations at the beaches, idealized rural life. It promoted agriculture and ruminated on “blut and boten” (blood and soil) as primary policies.

Likewise, Stalin and Mao would also likely get high WEF ESG scores.

In the last week, three political leaders and their governments have fallen: Boris Johnson, UK; Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Sri Lanka; and Mario Draghi, Italy.

If governments pushing the green authoritarian agenda continue to fall, that would be an unexpected development and something the WEF and its supporters surely are not counting on. So, as events and what is our human history continue to unfold, will it be the “Great Reset” the elites imagined and plan, or will it be a reset with a full crop loss of the current leaders pulling the strings.

Our food system would stand a chance of rebounding without these governments in the way. We can only hope and pray.

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