KRAYDEN: J6 Hearings Have Gone From Stalinist Show Trial to Monty Python Sketch

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  • 03/02/2023

What’s a Cassidy Hutchinson?

A nobody?

Until this week.

She was a cypher in the administration of President Donald Trump and apparently didn’t get anything she wanted after its demise. Now she’s telling some tall tales.

The January 6 Committee Hearings continue to give a lot of very unimportant people airtime as they pretend to be saving democracy and rescuing the nation’s liberties from a man who hasn’t even declared whether or not he’s running for the presidency in 2024. And you know that’s what this is all about. Cooking Donald Trump. It’s deja vu all over again as the legendary New York Yankee Yogi Berra might have observed. After two impeachments and a perpetual hoax of Russia collusion, the Democrats and two idiot Republicans are still obsessed with making the world unsafe for Trump.

Hutchinson of course knows absolutely nothing. She knew absolutely nothing as a minor aide in the White House except what she heard at the water cooler. She is finally having her hour in the sun and loving it and so is giving this committee of fools exactly what they want to hear – no matter how incredibly stupid it is sounding.

But the committee members are so far gone in their hatred for Trump that they are impervious to reason. So after telling Americans that Trump was the most out-of-shape president since William Taft, that he could barely move his bulk out of his Lazyboy to shuffle to the refrigerator, they now expect us to believe that he possessed the taut, muscular resources of a James Bond who could somehow move from the backseat of a secure presidential limo to the front seat through a plexiglass partition, “lunge” at the Secret Service driver and attempt to wrest control of the steering wheel. How did he accomplish this feat? Did he break through the barrier or did he escape via the backdoor and enter the front door like Indiana Jones?

These hearings started with the sordid suspense of a Stalinist show trial with a bunch of political hoods lording it over people already assumed guilty. But even Stalin had more of a sense of entertainment and the Democratic show was so damn boring they decided to move to comedy and created a superhero in Donald Trump who not only plots insurrections but beats up on his own Secret Service guards. You don’t say!

Yes, it is a moment from the Trump presidency as viewed through the comedic prism of Britain’s Monty Python or perhaps parody king Mel Brooks. It is funny because it is so overblown, so unbelievable.

Instead of Trump happily on the way to a Capitol riot, it’s Trump leading the Inquisition in Pythonesque exuberance – “Take the comfy chair!” – or the race of the twits seeing who can look more stupid bumping into each other running towards the Speaker’s chair.

But the Democrats and much of the liberal media are longing to believe it, in the same way, they want to believe Joe Biden is still walking and talking like a cognitively balanced man; the party is not controlled by a bunch of spoilt kids calling themselves the Squad; the Green New Deal won’t have us all living in caves; they are not the party of racists just like they always were.

But is it high comedy or low farce or both?

Just why would any president even attempt to do this? Wouldn’t he just find an excuse not to ride with his agents that morning?

Hutchinson forgot to add the part where Trump waved the nuclear football around and threatened to order the bombing of Russia if the 2020 election results were not overturned. But maybe that’s coming.

Maybe a lot more is coming and that’s a very scary thought indeed. This could make the Watergate hearings look like a municipal investigation and certainly overshadow what the Dems did to Trump with the two impeachment hearings. These people could go on until the midterms because why would they want to stop? These are paid political commercials. They won’t do any good for Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) or Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL). Cheney is history and won’t win her nomination. Kinzinger won’t have a nomination. But the Democrats on the committee are looking forward to more years on the taxpayer dime and could well benefit from more airtime.

These fumbling Congressmen and women have nothing better to do other than oversee the destruction of a nation after all. This is their chance to ask witnesses. “Sir, at this point in time, can you say with certainty that you know the president knew the mob knew they should have known better?”

No one appears to be having more fun with these proceedings than Cheney, who used to be a Never Trump Republican but is now an Always After Trump Democratic Ally.

Cheney is going down with an animus for Trump that is usually reserved for an ex-wife or scorned mistress. The former president has certainly had experience with women in his time but probably nothing to compare with this. Cheney has always been a child of the establishment – literally, with a father like former Vice President Dick Cheney – but her contempt for Trump has grown astronomically since he left office and she seems compelled to ensure that he never seeks or attains public office again.

This is all quite hilarious given the fact that it is the current president who has spent a lifetime in public office ensuring that he, his family and friends benefited from his high office. Trump did not need the job, did not profit from the job and was quite selfless in the job yet has been persecuted by the Washington establishment from the moment he sought the office of president.

Cheney is standing by her woman and had nothing but praise for her on Wednesday.

"Look, I think what Cassidy Hutchinson did was an unbelievable example of bravery and of courage and of patriotism in the face of real pressure," Cheney said in the ABC News interview.

I’ll give her bravery and courage but would add stupidity instead of patriotism because there was not a hint of that here. But it does take an odd degree of bravery to appear on television and spout such things.

Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi told Fox News host Sean Hannity that Hutchinson was looking to relocate to Florida and was very positive about Trump when she last spoke to her. Bondi said Hutchinson’s testimony would have exploded under cross-examination and that it appeared to be rehearsed.

The Secret Service of course has already disputed the story. They are still trying to live down the John F. Kennedy assassination and charges that its members stayed up the night before and got drunk. They don’t need to be drawn into accusations that a septuagenarian president almost overpowered them from the backseat.

Is this story working for the Democrats? I’ve yet to see any polling on this but the Democrats are living in a bubble anyway. President Joe Biden insists on believing that inflation and gas prices are worse in the rest of the developed world when in fact a simple fact check demonstrates that this is untrue. He continues to blame Russian President Vladimir Putin for that inflation and those gas prices when, again, that is a lie. Whether all those Democrats in vulnerable House seats really believe that the bulk of Americans are going to go to the midterm polls fixated on a manufactured and increasingly surreal insurrection – well, even politicians can’t be that dense. It’s like the economy is sinking, foreign policy is in peril but, hey man, do you remember that bad weekend in January?

The Democrats are going to remember one bad Tuesday in November.

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