POSOBIEC: The New Right Is ‘Putting Families First’

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  • 03/02/2023

Human Events Daily host Jack Posobiec discussed the importance of supporting expectant mothers through pregnancy and the need to put families first.

After attending mass at St. Patrick's Catholic Church on Sunday, Posobiec explained that the priest gave a pro-life homily and emphasized the importance of not only supporting the baby before and after birth, but the mother as well.

"As pro-lifers, we can't just say we love the baby. We have to love the mother as well," Posobiec said, paraphrasing the homily. "Love them both."

"In order to do so, that means to set up a situation, preparations, and provision...for women who find themselves in these situations, that might be a dire situation," Jack Posobiec explained.

Posobiec praised the state of Texas' decision to spend $100 million to support alternatives to abortion, which include counseling, mentoring, education services (classes on "pregnancy, parenting, adoption, life skills and employment readiness"), and "material assets such as car seats, clothing, diapers, and formula." As well as care coordination through referrals to government assistance programs, social services, and housing and support services.

"The goal is designed to reduce abortions and improve pregnancy outcomes by helping women practice sound health-related behaviors, and improve prenatal nutrition, improve children's health, and the economic self-sufficiency of parents by continuing their education and to find a job," Posobiec said.

Posobiec explained the difference between the new and older generations of conservatives, and that while social conservatives and the "New Right" understand the importance of limited government and libertarian economics, they understand that "we don't just need to exist for the benefit of corporations."

"Our movement has to have it at center. Families," Posobiec said. "We are putting families first and I love that Texas is doing this. I would hope that all 50 states, you got 49 more states to go, should be pushing this and we should be pushing federal programs for this."


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