WATCH: Libby Emmons on Children Who Never Learn What it Means to Have a ‘Soul’

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  • 03/02/2023

The Post Millennial Editor in Chief Libby Emmons recently fielded a “fascinating” question from a young woman at Turning Point USA's Young Women's Leadership Summit, who wanted Emmons’ take on her observation that many liberals have been deprived of certain spiritual concepts from a young age

“I don't think that we've really, fully comprehended how far, kids who grow up in liberal environments are removed from values,” the young woman said. “So, for example, when I grew up, the word ‘soul’ was a very weird word. Like, that's something that weird people said. So when people had to try to express their, whatever, internal tumult, they would use words like, ‘I’m depressed,’ or ‘I’m anxious.’ They would assign some sort of medical value to it.”

The young woman also noted that the same people might “really get a sense of purpose and meaning from being part of the Democratic party or being part of the rebellion.

“So for people who are operating in a social environment, where people really do feel a strong sense of community and belonging in the liberal world, how do you deal with being an apostate?” she asked.

“This is a question that I've been looking at myself,” Emmons responded. “…If you have no roots, if you have no grounding, how do you come to find it? And it's almost like we have gone backward as a culture in trying to understand who we are and where we're from.”

“And a lot of and it's interesting what you say about the soul having been replaced with concepts of medical conditions. I think that a place that people should start and I don't know where they would find it, is you can start by looking to, you know, our ancient philosophers and how they address these questions. These are questions that go back to Plato and Aristotle and continue on. And then you have to, you know, you really have to dig if you're starting from nothing you have to dig, but you have to want to, and if somebody doesn't want to, they're not going to break out of that. They're not going to go look for it. 

Emmons later reflected on the question as a guest on Tim Pool’s Timcast IRL.

“People thought that when they had issues that she thought might be spiritual issues, and that we potentially growing up, you know, people of my age group would think were spiritual issues, or things of that nature,” Emmons said, recounting the questin. “People thought that they were depression, that they needed to take drugs to fix it, that they needed to be medicalized that they needed psychiatric care to fix these kinds of issues. Issues like despair, issues like depression. These are not just all issues that are in your brain. “

“And so we have given away religion. We have given away culture. We have given away meaning. And we are expecting anybody to be able to stand up on anything? There's no foundation. We burned it down–We let them burn it down. And we handed them the match.”

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