WATCH: Charlie Kirk and Libby Emmons break down Biden’s assault on Americans’ God-given rights

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  • 03/02/2023

Turning Point USA's Charlie Kirk was interviewing The Post Millennial's own Libby Emmons on Friday, and the pair were analyzing the recent statement made by President Biden that the Second Amendment was "never absolute."

"What right is not absolute?" Kirk started off by asking. "Can soldiers sometimes be quartered in our homes?" he asked, referring to the often-lesser-known Third Amendment.




"This is what I was wondering too," commented Emmons "Is it ok for soldiers to sometimes be quartered in our homes?"

"Or is it OK to not have a speedy trial? Do we not have a right to a speedy trial?" continued Emmons, to which Kirk replied, "Apparently not, with the Jan 6 defendants."

"And we don't have a right, apparently, to not incriminate ourselves, this means our Fifth Amendment rights," continued Emmons sarcastically. "That's a pretty absolute right," mentions Kirk. "That's a pretty absolute right, I would have thought," concurs Emmons. 

"This means freedom of the press, that's not absolute; this means freedom of religion is not absolute," Emmons continues, then turning off the sarcasm in order to drive her point home:

"I'm a super-big First Amendment person. That right is absolute; that's the deal! That's what we are here for: that's what America is based on."

"I found this horrifying to hear the President of the United States, which is founded on the idea of liberty, freedom and justice for all, saying that liberty, freedom and justice for all are, in fact, not absolute, and we don't have those rights."

"If we don't like it, then I can put a Marine in your living room, I could spy on your phone call," Kirk responds, "I mean, I can't even begin to give him a benefit-of-the-doubt type argument here."

"There is none. And I'm a benefit-of-the-doubt kind of person, but in this case, I don't think there is any," replied Emmons definitively. "I don't think it's conceivable to say that our rights are not absolute."

"I wanna make sure people understand," commented Kirk, "that, when you have a president that says that rights are not absolute, this is a profound philosophical detour."

"Yes, it is." Emmons agreed. 

"I was thoroughly shocked. Hannah Nightingale, who is our American news editor with The Post Millennial, was writing the story last night, and I took a look at it when it was out, and I was just floored to see this."

"... it makes it so stark: he's literally talking about all of our rights. Our due-process rights, our rights to be secure in our homes, our rights against unlawful search and seizure."

Emmons concluded with: "These are things that should speak to the core of all Americans, to realize that the government is not for us here."

This article was originally published at The Post Millennial 


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