Justice Department Asks Court to Reinstate COVID-19 Travel Mask Mandate

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  • 03/02/2023

The Justice Department on Tuesday asked a federal appeals court to overturn a district judge’s ruling that ended the Biden administration’s mask mandate for public transportation. 

Shortly after the Florida judge struck down the mandate in April, the Justice Department signaled it would file an appeal, depending on what the CDC said to be necessary. 

As reported by Human Events News, the judge found in April that the transportation mask mandate was unlawful. 

In an appeal filed hours before the deadline, the Justice Department argued that the CDC’s 2021 mask mandate was “within” the agency’s legal authority, per Just the News. 

“None of the district court’s quarrels with the CDC order comes close to showing that the CDC has acted outside the ‘zone of reasonableness,’” the Justice Department wrote.

It added that the CDC’s findings in 2021 provided “ample support for the agency’s determination that there was good cause to make the order effective without delay.”

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