GOOD NEWS! WHO Not Expecting ‘At This Moment’ for Monkeypox to Reach Pandemic Level

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  • 03/02/2023

The WHO said it does not think monkeypox will reach pandemic level, but officials still acknowledge that much about the illness remains unknown. 

“At the moment, we are not concerned about a global pandemic,” Dr. Rosamund Lewis said Monday during a live Q&A, per Just the News. “We are concerned that individuals may acquire this infection through a high-risk exposure if they don’t have the information they need to protect themselves.” 

While anyone can contract the disease, thus far, the majority of cases have been observed in gay and bisexual men. 

It remains unknown whether monkeypox spreads exclusively via sexual activity, though it is clear that it is transmitted by close contact.

A whopping 23 countries have reported more than 250 cases of monkeypox so far, with no deaths associated as of now.

Symptoms include - but aren’t limited to - fever, chills, rash and aches.  

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