Human Events’ Jack Posobiec ‘Fact-Checked’ by Reuters, Politifact Over ‘WEF Police’ Claim Following Detainment by WEF Police

Human Events Senior Editor Jack Posobiec was fact checked by Reuters over his WEF police claim after he was detained by none other than WEF police. 

“Apparently, the World Economic Forum under Klaus Schwab has its own paramilitary police force called the World Economic Forum police,” Posobiec said on Human Events Daily

However, this statement has been disputed by “fact checkers” like Reuters who clarify that the WEF doesn’t actually have a police force, and instead, “the police badges with a WEF logo are used by local officers in Graubunden to mark the organization’s annual conference,” the Post Millennial reports

Posobiec responded to the fact check in a tweet. 

Posobiec shared what happened outside the WEF conference in Davos, where he said he had already filmed a podcast from the side of the road. 

“We did some live vids, did Steve Bannon’s War Room, and some other shows. Sitting right there, no harm no foul, no big deal. A couple of plainclothes officers came up to us at one point and said ‘hey, can I check your guys’ passports, can I check your press credentials.’ Sure, no problem, here you go…We’ve got our equipment out, we’ve got our cameras and everything, secure event, totally understand,” Posobiec said. 

He said that everything resumed as normal for about an hour when vans approached him and his crew as they were about to move locations.

“We’re about to move to another location because we’ve found a higher location to look down on the city, get some more shots up there, show people on a different side of Davos… as we’re charging our equipment and the crew’s getting a little something to eat, two paddy wagons full of these armed officers drive up to us like a quick response force, stop their cars, they file out, surround us with 9mm MP5s,” Posobiec said. “One guy who’s standing close to me was flagging me with his barrel constantly while he’s staying there, I asked me to stop, he finally pointed it down, and they said again, ‘who are you, we need to check your passports, we need to check your papers,’ and we’re all kind of looking at each other saying, ‘wait a minute, we already talked to officers. We’ve gone through all of this… Why are we doing this again?'”

Posobiec said that the officers came back and that they asked to go through their belongings. 

“So they come back, now they’re asking us to check our bags, they’re going through our stuff, they took us behind the building, behind a stack of tables and individually they frisked us.”

Similar to Reuters, Politifact issued a fact-check of their own. 

“Police did not arrest any journalist in Davos, a police spokesperson said.”

They said that the video, taken by Posobiec, was not “physically restrained,” rating the claim as “false.”