The Conservative Case for Ignoring “The Conservative Case” (a.k.a., “I’m Not a Conservative, But I Play One on Twitter”)

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  • 03/02/2023

The Left is insular.  As oft noted, they only know what they’ve been told; and they only talk to each other.  They quite like it this way; and go to great lengths to so remain.

The Left’s virtual control over the media, academia, corporate board rooms, and the federal bureaucracy constitutes a “safe space.”  Ensconced in their obdurate bubble, they are protected from “dangerous” and “harmful” ideas espoused by anybody who isn’t a Leftist.  In consequence, these self-anointed saviors of “our democracy” lack self-awareness (for starters); and are wholly ignorant of what their despised and feared “other” believe.  

Yet, what happens when events compel the Left to engage – read “hoodwink” and “bully” – the other side?

Hilarity ensues.

The Left has crafted a cottage industry of idiocy known as “The Conservative Case For [fill in the progressive position].”  Currently, we are being “educated” by a spate of articles proffering the “Conservative Case for Roe v. Wade” and abortion.  I will spare you the links to avoid spreading disinformation and getting send to social media solitary confinement by the Department of Homeland Security’s new Ministry of Truth.  But I digress…  Honestly, did anyone in their right mind (i.e., not a Leftist) think the regime media was going to publish the actual “conservative case for” anything?  Of course not.  Once again, as is their wont, the Left isn’t fooling anyone, except themselves.  

Similar to how they utilize duplicitous front groups, the Left carts up their Trojan Horse and out pops an apostate former conservative and/or someone never considered a conservative.  As instructed, these well-remunerated mountebanks pontificate upon “The Conservative Case For [fill in the progressive position].”  The goal of this propaganda is to convince we lesser intellects of our error when we apply our deeply held beliefs to a current event and – surprise! – disagree with the Left.  

Such progressive propaganda meets with little success, due less to the vigilance of conservatives than to the obliviousness of Leftists.  After all, when a faux conservative’s disinformation slithers forth through the social media’s primordial ooze, a non-Leftist reader’s initial response is, “They’re a conservative?”  After a cursory examination of say, the headline, rapidly the conclusion is reached, “nope”; and said disinformation is disregarded and relegated into history’s outhouse.

If, for either amusement or debasement, one delves deeper into the faux conservative’s dissembling, one sees “conservative” principles filtered through a leftist prism.  As a result, in most cases, we aren’t dealing with the subject matter familiarity one would see from an anti-communist who has read the foundational screeds of that hideous ideology, such as Das Kapital, The Communist Manifesto, What Is to Be Done?, et. al.  Instead, you get strawman “conservatism,” suitable only for talking points on MSNBC or Barack Obama’s latest hissy fit of disinformation. 

In this instance, the simplistic nub of their rub is that conservatives hate change.  So, when a Leftist policy – no matter how harmful – is undone, it is condemned as a “radical” change.  Ergo, conservatives should oppose this alleged “radical” conservative change and support the actual radical Leftist policy.   

Alternately, in some other cases one sees conservative principles transmogrified into cliched tropes to be shoehorned into suit the Leftist aim du jour by an apostate conservative for profit and fame (or rather infamy).  This propaganda endeavors to weaponize conservatives love of freedom against them.  The simplistic trope employed is that freedom means anybody should do whatever they want, whenever they want.  Ergo, conservatives must support the legalization of any act by a consenting adult, however permissive and destructive to oneself and society.  This faux argument confuses conservativism with libertarianism; and conflates liberty with licentiousness.  (And, in a pathetic irony of progressive propaganda, Libertarians aren’t swayed either, given their long tradition of not ascribing to the conservative case for much of anything.)

Yet, whatever the proffered arguments, if their inequitable illogic is abided, there can never be any ground reclaimed from the Left as their permanent devolution aims to fundamentally transform America into a socialist hellscape.

Think of these progressive propaganda pieces as the Left’s Vicks Formula 44, “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on T.V.” strategy.  Although, on second thought, unlike the Left’s “conservatives,” Vicks was being up front about their spokesperson’s “qualifications.”  

Regardless, no matter who and how many “I’m not a conservative, but I play one on Twitter” charlatans the Left stuffs into their Trojan horse, we know that undoing the Left’s damaging policies isn’t radical.  It’s redemptive and requisite – an adult formula for saving our free republic.   

As he describes himself:  The product of a misspent youth, the Hon. Thaddeus G. McCotter (M.C., Ret.) is a guitarist, author, occasional radio co-host, and recovering politician.  He is a former U.S. Congressman from Michigan having represented that state’s 11th Congressional district from 2003-2012.

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