China Sets Up Permanent COVID-19 Testing Sites

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  • 03/02/2023

China is setting up thousands of permanent PCR COVID-19 testing sites.

So far, 9,000 have been completed in China’s largest city alone, with 5,000 already operational, per Fox News.

Officials said the residential stations will allow residents to be tested within 15 minutes and that the new system would require people to have a negative PCR test before entering public spaces – though it remained unclear how recent the tests needed to be. 

In China’s capital, people have been required to undergo three tests throughout the week and a negative test result within the previous 48 hours is necessary to enter most public spaces. 

However, Beijing said Thursday that it would relax quarantine rules mandating arrivals from overseas to quarantine for 21 days, with at least 14 of them at a hotel. 

Visitors now must spend only 10 days in isolation followed by another week of home isolation.

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