American Airlines to Use Buses for Some Connecting Flights

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  • 03/02/2023

American Airlines will begin using buses to transport some customers for their connecting flights. 

Beginning June 3rd, Landline will be transporting customers from regional airports in Allentown/Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and Atlantic City, New Jersey to the carrier’s Philadelphia hub. 

As reported by Fox News, customers will still check in with American Airlines and go through security at the respective airports in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 

They will then board a Landline bus to the Philadelphia International Airport. Passengers will “deboard airside, enter the terminal and proceed directly to their connecting flight,” American Airlines said. 

When they arrive back in Philadelphia, they will take a bus back to their regional airports, which are both approximately an hour away. 

American Airlines said passenger luggage will be “seamlessly” transported between the bus and the airplane.

Customers will be informed ahead of their trip if a bus will be involved. According to American, when customers book an itinerary with Landline-operated routes on its website, the bus will be listed just like any other flight. 

Each bus can hold up to 35 passengers and will offer free Wi-Fi and streaming entertainment. 

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