From the Dissident’s Desk: A Hat Tip to Vladimir Zelenko – the Most Extraordinary Dissident

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  • 03/02/2023

Editor's note:  The author of this piece has indicated that based upon extensive research there are no studies that have been published that indicate that the use of HCQ or Ivermectin, administered early and in combination with zinc, is not effective in treating COVID 19.

Conversely, there is research cited in the piece that shows the effectiveness of the treatment protocol.

The author states that if any research can be produced to the contrary, he will personally issue a retraction or clarification as is warranted.


I was not born to be forced. I will breathe after my own fashion. Let us see who is the strongest – Henry David Thoreau

As Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter migrates from announcement to closing, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, who had been initially banned from Twitter in 2020, was back up on the platform momentarily a couple of weeks ago, then down, then back up, and now finally back down again.  If someone is charged with keeping records of the macabre, they might want to check to see if three banishments qualify for the Guinness Book of Censorship.  Here is his last simply outrageous tweet: 

According to the CDC, healthy children have a 99.998% recovery rate from covid-19 with NO treatment. What is the rationale for vaccinating this demographic?

While curious as to why a man gets issued a suspension for posting factual information, I find it pointless to speculate on the possible motives for the inner machinations of hateful people making capricious choices.  Instead, I’m using the Doctor’s suspension as an opportunity to reflect upon how I first came to know him and how my own life has been profoundly and permanently impacted in the time since.

Zev, as he likes to be called, had been banned from Twitter in late 2020 for a tweet in which he wished President Trump well in his recovery from the Chinese coronavirus.  This drew the ire of those in the American dissident movement because we knew that he had been a voice of truth and courage during the pandemic.  Twitter’s de-platforming of him was yet another indication of the arbitrary power of big tech, and it was a foreshadowing of just how bold the platform was yet to become in censoring the voices of anyone who dare challenge their collectivist, globalist orthodoxy.

My dear friend and broadcast partner at the time, Tamara Leigh, was able to connect with Zev and invite him to be a guest on our weekly YouTube show, Trend On (ultimately de-platformed by Alphabet for having candid Chinese coronavirus conversations).  It was in that setting that we first met.  Little did I realize that it was in that moment my life would change irrevocably.

Following that appearance with Tamara and me, I went on to interview Zev for a piece at Human Events titled, “Twitter Silenced Dr. Zelenko:  Here is What They Don’t Want You to Know.”  The story was widely read, but the real “story” for me was that it launched us on a path to friendship, one that has grown and bloomed over these past many months, much as might a healthy Jewish tree of life. 

Twitter’s closing of Zev’s account forced him to migrate to other platforms in order to maintain contact with his loyal followers all over the world.  Rumble, Telegram, GETTR have all benefitted from Twitter’s loss prior to his recent return.  

It was on GETTR and Telegram that back in early April, Zev posted news that his cancer, an affliction with which he has suffered well prior to the pandemic, had reemerged with a vengeance.  The outpouring of love and support from his followers was spontaneous, genuine, and help-offering.  Everyone who thought they had access to a cancer-curing treatment or remedy wanted to share.  In my small world alone, where very few know of my friendship with Zev, several people reached out asking me to please share information with him, something which I did dutifully in each instance.

We had been prepared at Human Events to run a news story of Zev’s most recent Twitter ban, but before we could set the type, the decision was reversed.  It was in that moment that I decided to still write a Zev piece, but as opinion, not as news.  It is not about Twitter, censorship, or the Chinses coronavirus.  It is about the man himself.

Here and there, and now and then, God makes a giant among men(Unknown poet)

I had the chance nearly 35 years ago, to meet the most remarkable woman.  Dr. Patricia Scherer was a former Northwestern University professor who had an expertise in working with the deaf.  She had done research that showed, believe it or not, that music and the arts could activate and improve various cognitive functions for the deaf (the music works through the vibrations).  

The wise people at Northwestern rejected her ideas so she left and went on her own and formed what became the International Center on Deafness & the Arts.  Generations later, her research has been vindicated and deaf children and adults all around the world have been living fuller and richer lives as a result of her courageous and pioneering work.

I mention the late Dr. Scherer because when I first glimpsed her as she walked into a conference room for a meeting, despite her under five-foot frame, I could instantly sense I was in the presence of a giant.  I have shared that experience many times over the years and had assumed it would be singular.  It had remained such until I had the opportunity to meet Zev in person.

Vladimir Zelenko is perhaps the exact antithesis of an intimidating physical figure.  What his rather modest physical presence belies is a man of such great spiritual and intellectual stature that were he to be confronted by Goliath, it might take little more than the raise of an eyebrow to send the behemoth running.  No slingshot and stone needed, just the invincible combination of faith and reason.

When we did first meet in three dimensions (after many calls and video meetings) my Objectivist self immediately went to war with my Christian self in trying to deny what we both could plainly see; a special man with almost an aura about him of peace and of love; a truly transcendent presence.  After a full day spent in sharing conversation and breaking bread, I recall talking to friends and telling them that I wasn’t sure what had happened to me, but I was certain I was never going to be the same.  

I haven’t been.

To travel in public with Zev is to experience something quite special.  I’ve had the occasion in my career to be around lots of famous people.  You get used to having fans coming up, acting as though you are not there, while sort of shamelessly fawning over the celebrity.  “I love your movies.  You’re my favorite player.  Can we take a selfie?  Can I have your autograph.”

When people approach Zev, and they do almost everywhere he goes, the reaction is very different.  Their heads are bowed.  Their voice is soft.  Their words are always a variation on the theme of, “God bless you.  Thank you for what you have done.  Your work saved my mother’s life.  It is so wonderful to be able to meet you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.”

Zev’s response, in turn, is always a variation of his own humble and immutable manner.  “God bless you.  That is very kind.  Thank you so much.”  He engages everyone.  He treats each person as if they are the first to have ever approached him.  They weren’t, and they won’t be the last.  What is special is that their place in sequence is indistinguishable, one from another.  Each is treated as an only.

ICYMI-Why we’ve come to know this man  

It does surprise that every once in a while, I mention Zev’s name, even to a fellow dissident, and they are not familiar with him or his work.  The short version is that Dr. Zelenko was a family medical practitioner in upstate New York when the pandemic began.   Recognizing quickly that this was no ordinary flu strain, he did what doctors used to do in the days before algorithms; he started to try things.  

Through a bit of luck, research, and divine providence he discovered that zinc, the natural enemy of coronavirus, could stop the disease in its tracks if administered early and with the assistance of hydroxychloroquine (later ivermectin) to help it reach the target.  He began to treat patients and they began to not die.  To move up to the present, he has overseen the treatment of over 7,000 patients with only three deaths.  His hospitalization rate for “high risk” patients is 84% better than that of the general population.

Wonder how many people needed to die from the Chinese coronavirus?  Start by multiplying the total number of deaths by .16.  See what result that yields.  For those who get headaches from math, I’ll help.  If 1,000,000 people died, that number might have only been 160,000 if they had been treated early with what has come to be called the “Zelenko protocol.”

For his groundbreaking clinical work and breakthrough in lifesaving treatment, Dr. Zelenko was recognized as an international hero and appeared on the cover of every magazine in the country from Time to Popular Mechanics.  Wait!  That was in an alternate universe where politicians, corporate chiefs, and doctors wanted people to live.  In this universe he was vilified by politicians who wanted to maintain control, CEOs who wanted to make money, and doctors who, well, who can really understand the response of doctors.  God will have to sort that with them, one refused-to-treat-patient case at a time, when their own day of reckoning arrives.

But this is not an article about the pandemic.  It is about a man who did good, was vilified for doing good, and then refused to stop doing good at a tremendous personal cost.  Beneath that aura of peace and love, you can also sense a fatigue, the fatigue of a man who has done so much against such resistance that he just needs a moment to put his hands on his knees and breathe.

He has since been vindicated.  Proper research, using HCQ or ivermectin as an early intervention, along with zinc and other medications, has been proven to effectively combat the Chinese coronavirus.  This brings only tempered pleasure to my friend Zev who knows that people all over the world died because those in power denied science under the false façade of “following science.”

You are unrepeatable. There is a magic about you that is all your own - David Dellinger

I used to be confused when I was younger at how whenever someone passed away there would be a piece published about their life in minutes, sometimes thousands of words.  I naively thought, how do they write so fast?  I learned, of course, that these pieces are not written in moments, they are written in advance and then held in a sort of journalist’s cryonic storage container, only to have the words brought to life when the subject’s life ends. 

While I understand the practice, it seems a bit of a shame; such kind things written and said absent the eyes and the ears of the person remembered.  No harm in that, my Christian self says.  They will experience them upon arrival in God’s kingdom.  Ah, but my Objectivist voice says nonsense!  There is no such place.  And so, conflicted within myself, I hedge.  I share my tribute to my friend in this moment, in this space, so that it’s certain he sees it.

Zev Zelenko is the most resilient person I have ever met, a man who counts his cancer as a blessing because it prepared him for the battle he has had to fight in order to treat patients with the Chinese coronavirus.  To him, he is God’s tool, and he will be here so long as God wants him to continue His work.  That could yet be, and I hope it to be, for a very long time.

There is no certainty.  Little is certain in this life, but I am certain of one thing.  We are all familiar how on occasion we will come across someone and after chatting for a few moments we say, “You know, you remind of someone I once knew.”  I’m certain that regardless of how much time I might have left on this earth, I will never utter that phrase to someone with Zev in mind.

That’s because we also all know the old expression, “When God made you, He threw away the mold.”  We say to that to someone in order to express that we find them to be quite unique.  In Zev’s case, however, the notion that God used some sort of special one-time, not-to-be replicated mold doesn’t quite do justice.  Having had the chance to meet him, work with him, and become his friend what I’ve come to learn is that God actually sat down and took the time to make Vladimir Zelenko by hand.  He is God’s personal work-His best work.

Love between men who are more comfortable and accustomed to invoking the term when it pertains to women is a rare and special thing.  In considering my friend Zev and his current plight, I am led to borrow from the late Gale Sayers and simply say, “I love Vladimir Zelenko, and I'd like all of you to love him too.  Tonight, when you hit your knees, please ask God to love him.”

Best hurry.  God’s inbox is rapidly filling.

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