YouTube Removes CPAC Videos for Violating ‘Election Integrity Policy’

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  • 03/02/2023

YouTube on Thursday removed several CPAC videos for violating the platform’s “election integrity policy.”

“We removed content from the CPAC channel for violating our election integrity policy,” YouTube Policy Communications Manager Ivy Choi told the Washington Examiner, per The Hill.  

“Our policies apply to everyone, regardless of the uploader’s political views, and while we do allow content that provides additional context such as countervailing views, the content we removed from this channel was footage that did not provide sufficient context.” 

According to Rep. Andy Biggs, YouTube removed all video footage from two of the four days of the conference, including speeches by President Trump and multiple other GOP lawmakers. 

“The only notice we got from YouTube was that our videos were ‘flagged’ for ‘misinformation,’” Biggs added in another post. “No additional details were provided. We appealed and recently learned that all our apples have been ‘rejected.’”

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