IRS Will Allow Taxpayers to Opt Out of Facial Recognition Scan to Access Taxes Online

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  • 03/02/2023

The IRS announced Monday that it will allow taxpayers to opt out of using facial recognition technology as a form of identity verification. 

As previously reported by Human Events News, the IRS announced a few weeks ago that it is walking back its decision to require taxpayers to submit a facial recognition scan to access their taxes online. 

Indeed, Human Events News reported that the IRS announced in January plans to require users to sign into the IRS website through an account with third-party firm and provide a government identification document with their photo, along with a selfie, to verify their identity. 

However, now, those trying to access their accounts online can instead verify their identity through a live, virtual interview with a representative from a third-party service. 

If taxpayers so choose, they may still be able to use, The Hill reports

“No biometric data - including facial recognition - will be required if taxpayers choose to authenticate their identity through a virtual interview,” the IRS said in a statement. 

Video selfies uploaded through by taxpayers will be “permanently deleted” over the next few weeks. 

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