Sen. Marshall to Introduce Bill Ending COVID-19 National Emergency Declaration

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  • 03/02/2023

Sen. Roger Marshall will introduce a bill Monday that would end the COVID-19 national emergency declaration. 

The legislation is powered by a provision in the National Emergencies Act, a law that grants presidents special power to deal with national emergencies outside natural disasters or war, Fox News reports

Marshall’s legislation would revoke many of the federal government’s expanded powers to respond to the pandemic on a national level. 

“With COVID cases and hospitalizations on the decline, 94 percent of Americans having immunity to COVID, mask mandates falling by the wayside, and 70 percent of Americans agreeing ‘it’s time we accept that COVID is here to stay’ and that ‘we just need to get on with our lives,’ it’s clear we need a new approach to COVID as we learn to live with it,” Marshall told Fox News. 

“That new approach starts with putting an end to the COVID national state of emergency,”  he continued. 

Trump initially invoked the National Emergencies Act at the beginning of the pandemic, and Biden extended it until March 1, 2022. With all things considered, it is likely Biden will extend it again. 

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