Pfizer COVID-19 Antiviral Pill May Pose Risks When Mixed with Other Medications

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  • 03/02/2023

According to a new report, the Pfizer COVID-19 antiviral pill, Paxlovid, may pose risks when mixed with other medications. 

Indeed, many people prescribed Pfizer or Merck’s new medications will require careful monitoring by doctors and pharmacists, NBC News reports

As previously reported by Human Events News, the FDA last Wednesday authorized the first Covid-19 antiviral pill for emergency use. The Pfizer drug will be prescribed for use in adults and children over the age of 12 with mild to moderate sickness who are at risk for severe disease or hospitalization. 

However, one of the two drugs in the cocktail could cause life-threatening interactions with widely used medications, including blood thinners; anti-seizure medications; drugs for irregular heart rhythms, high blood pressure and high cholesterol; immunosuppressants; steroids; HIV treatments; erectile dysfunction medications; and some antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications.  

Additionally, the FDA does not recommend Paxlovid for people with severe kidney or liver disease. 

Due to concerns about the potential side effects of Merck’s molnupiravir, the FDA has restricted its use to adults and only in scenarios in which other authorized treatments are inaccessible or aren’t “clinically appropriate.” 

Anyone seeking Paxlovid should let their prescribers and pharmacists know the complete list of other medications and over-the-counter supplements they are taking.

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