Head of Wisconsin Election Probe Accuses Two Mayors of Cover-Ups, Stonewalling

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  • 03/02/2023

A former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice leading one of the investigations into the state’s 2020 elections believes there is a cover-up going on. 

Former Justice Michael Gableman told the Assembly’s Committee on Elections Wednesday that the state’s Elections Commission, its administrator, and the mayors of Madison and Green Bay will not answer any of his questions about the Zuckerberg-funded Center for Tech and Civil Life and continue to refuse to cooperate with the subpoenas issued, Just the News reports

“[Green Bay Mayor] Eric Genrich and [Madison Mayor] Satya Rhodes-Conway have chosen to ignore the subpoenas issued by the Wisconsin Assembly because they have no intention of answering uncomfortable questions about what they did with the millions of dollars in Zuckerberg money that they took,” he said. 

Green Bay and Madison, along with Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha, took nearly $9 million Zuck-bucks in 2020.

Gableman said instead of going towards coronavirus safety operations, it went to a massive get out the vote operation in the state’s most Democratic cities. 

“Reasonable minds might wonder whether the millions of dollars each of these mayors received from the Zuckerbergs may have induced them to do something other than treat all candidates fairly and impartially. And whether those mayors used the Zuckerberg money to get out the vote for Joe Biden,” he said. 

“They are trying to run and hide from accountability to the citizens they are supposed to serve,” he continued. “Why go through all of this legal evasion, maneuvering, and expense unless they do not want the public to know what they have done?” 

Gableman, who filed writs of attachment in Waukesha County Court against Genrich and Rhodes-Conway on Wednesday, is also facing a lawsuit from Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul seeking to stop his investigation and stop him from asking questions.

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