Mark Meadows Marked Absent for House Inquisition Deposition Deadline

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  • 03/02/2023

Former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows failed to meet the deadline imposed by the January 6th House Inquisition to give a deposition on the matter, risking possible federal criminal charges. 

Meadows was supposed to show up Friday on Capitol Hill by the 10 a.m. deadline, per Just the News. If the full House votes to find Meadows in contempt for failing to comply with the subpoena, the matter goes to the Justice Department. 

Meadows’ attorney George Terwillinger  said earlier this week he would not comply and indicated he would not appear. 

“Our correspondence over the last few weeks shows a sharp legal dispute with the committee,” Terwillinger said Friday. “The issues concern whether Mr. Meadows can be compelled to testify and whether, even if he could, that he could be forced to answer questions that involve privileged communications. Legal disputes are appropriately resolved by courts.” 

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