Loudoun County Students Walk Out in Protest of Alleged Sexual Assault Cover-Up

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  • 03/02/2023

Students at several Loudoun County, Virginia high schools walked out in support of recent sexual assault victims, claiming the county intentionally covered up the crimes. 

The walkout took place at Broad Run High School, the school where an alleged attacker was transferred after he was charged with inappropriately harassing a female student in the bathroom, per the Daily Caller. The student initially attended Stone Bridge High School. 

Similar walkouts took place at Riverside High School, Loudoun County High School and Briar Woods High School.

Students chanted phrases like “Loudoun County protects rapists” and “why was a rapist allowed in our school?”


The walkouts came after a Virginia court ruled Monday that there was enough evidence to find the teen guilty of engaging in “non-consensual sex.” 

The teen, who identifies as “gender fluid” is standing trial on two separate cases. The first involved an in-classroom incident at Stone Bridge, while the second involved a ninth-grader at Broad Run who accused the teen of sexual assault. 

The Loudoun County Public School board first claimed it was unaware of the sexual assault claims, but it was eventually discovered that the district’s superintendent sent an email to board members the day of the incident. 

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