True the Vote Sends Document Preservation Letter to Georgia Gov. Kemp After GBI Leaks Confidential Election Materials to Media

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  • 03/02/2023

Election integrity watchdog True the Vote sent a document preservation letter to Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Friday after the Georgia Bureau of Investigation released sensitive election materials to the media, as reported by Michael Patrick Leahy on Breitbart

Indeed, Georgia Bureau of Investigation Director D. Victor Reynolds released a letter he sent to Georgia Republican Party Chairman David Shafer and True the Vote, which contained “information provided confidentiality to the FBI," to the media. 

In Friday’s letter to Gov. Kemp, election law attorney Jim Bopp wrote that the letter released to the media “mischaracterizes and selectively omits the evidence that True the Vote provided in a confidential meeting attended by representatives of your office, and representatives of the GBI, including the author of the letter in question, GBI Director D. Victor Reynolds.” 

The letter “acknowledges that True the Vote’s preliminary data analysis, as presented to your office in April of 2021, provided evidence that 279 cellphones had made “multiple trips to within 100 feet of a voter drop box” during the 2020 election period, he added. 

“[We] request that your office, the GBI, and any other recipient copied on this letter preserve all correspondence, whether verbal and written, related to this matter,” he wrote. “Those records would include, but are not limited to, emails, texts, letters, call logs, meeting logs, other written audio, or digital communications, with all metadata attached. This preservation should include all of the aforementioned records since April 1, 2021, that contains the words, ‘True the Vote,’ ‘TTV,’ ‘GOP,’ ‘OpSec,’ ‘Gregg Phillips,’ ‘Catherine Engelbrecht,’ ‘David Shafer,’ ‘Joe Jensen,’ ‘GBI,’ or ‘FBI.’” 

Copies of the letter were sent to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, FBI Supervisory Special Agent in the Atlanta office Joe Jensen, Georgia Republican Party Chairman David Shafer, GBI Director D. Victor Reynolds and the Atlanta Journal Constitution. 

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