DISSIDENTS DESK: Hamachek, Blazek Discuss All Things New Hampshire

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  • 03/02/2023

On this week’s episode of Human’s Making News: The Dissident’s Desk, Felisa Blazek of ThePatriotParty.Rocks and leader of New Hampshire’s Marigold Coffee Club, an activist group leading an effort to have voting machines removed from New Hampshire voting districts, discusses her various dissident efforts along with her new project, “Unite the Light.” 

Unite the Light is a nationwide tribute to the famous ride of Paul Revere in April of 1775 where legend has recorded, he shared the message “The British are coming.” The Unite the Light activity will see a “Liberty Lantern” be transported by volunteers across all 50 states, commencing October 24th in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and concluding December 24th at a point to be disclosed.

“Unite the Light is an effort to pass a lantern across the United States of America and give patriots a chance to stand up against the tyranny that has sweeping across our nation,’ Blazek states. She adds she was inspired to organize the event, “in order to show a united front like our forefathers did in facing down the British. Paul Revere was warning us that the enemy was coming by sea.  Today the enemy is already here on our land.”

Once the event launches, those interested can track the Liberty Lantern’s path across the country by visiting www.RedWhitenBlueTour.com. Its route can be followed in a manner familiar to those who watch Santa on “radar” every Christmas Eve.

In the podcast Felisa also discusses the current status surrounding the Marigold efforts to remove New Hampshire voting machines. She also shares her thoughts and advice regarding engaging in political dissident activities and what people should think about if they want to get involved in the effort to fight back against collectivism.  

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