Political Science Convention Alienates Conservative Group for Including Trump’s Lawyer

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  • 03/02/2023

The American Political Science Association, the largest gathering of social scientists, deplatformed a conservative group for featuring Trump’s lawyer. 

The association forced the Claremont Institute to make its “related group” discussions virtual at the annual convention in Seattle, a day after hundreds of members demanded they eject both Claremont and John Eastman, Just the News reports. 

In July, organizers only demanded the two panels with Eastman be made virtual due to safety concerns. The group decided to cancel all 10 of its panels in protest of the new demand.

The association’s executive director Steven Smith said the group feared “protests and unrest” if Claremont were to host in-person events at the convention.  

Because of his connection with Trump and the election lawsuits, this isn’t the first time Eastman suffered professional consequences. Chapman University forced him to retire as a law professor, and the University of Colorado Boulder dumped him as a visiting professor in conservative thought and policy a month later. 

Claremont has hosted events at the convention for 35 years, offering the most panels of any related group. According to Claremont president Ryan Williams, its panels are “often the best-attended” at the convention and a major source of revenue.