Group of GOP Governors to Gather in Texas for Summit on Open Border Impacts

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  • 03/02/2023

Eleven republican governors will meet in Texas Wednesday to discuss the disastrous impacts of the Biden administration’s open border policy. 

The announcement comes after a group of 26 governors called on Biden to end his open border policies in September, also requesting a meeting at the White House. 

“The months-long surge in illegal crossings has instigated an international humanitarian crisis, spurred a spike in international criminal activity, and opened the floodgates to human traffickers and drug smugglers endangering public health and safety in our states,” the governors argued. 

“A crisis that began at our southern border now extends to every state and requires immediate action before the situation worsens,” they continued. “The negative impact of an unenforced border policy on the American people can no longer be ignored.” 

As reported by Just the News, the meeting comes after an interstate compact announced by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey on June 10 when they first called on other governors to help them secure the border. The pact allows for law enforcement from other states to apprehend illegal immigrants in Arizona and Texas with the full force of the law. 

“Border apprehensions are up almost 500% compared to last year, totaling more than 1.3 million - more people than the populations of nine U.S. states,” the group of 26 governors wrote to Biden on September 20. 

“Texas and Arizona have stepped up to secure the border in the federal government’s absence, and now the Emergency Management Assistance Compact gives your State a chance to stand strong with us,” Ducey and Abbott wrote in their June joint statement. 

The governors attending the summit Wednesday include Brian Kemp of Georgia, Brad Little of Idaho, Kim Reynolds of Iowa, Greg Gianforte of Montana, Pete Ricketts of Nebraska, Mike DeWine of Ohio, Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma, Kristi Noem of South Dakota and Mark Gordon of Wyoming. 

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis won’t be in attendance after announcing his wife was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, however he was the first governor to send law enforcement to Texas.

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