CHAOS CONTINUES: Taliban Open Fire on Afghanis Celebrating Independence Day

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  • 03/02/2023

As chaos continues to engulf Afghanistan, new video footage shows Taliban fighters opening fire on crowds celebrating the country's Independence Day.

Afghanis took the streets Thursday, waving the country's flag in celebration of their independence from the British. But, the demonstrations were cut short by violence.

In the eastern city of Asadabad, several people were killed, Fox News reports.

A witness said that "hundreds of people" came out onto the streets and several were killed after the Taliban started shooting at the crowd, triggering a stampede. It was not immediately clear which event caused the deaths.

Footage shows cyclists and a car racing through the streets waving the tri-colored flag. Gunshots rang out in the background.

Demonstrators were also filmed marching throughout Kabul, some chanting slogans.

Reports have also emerged of Afghans ripping down white Taliban flags.

"Salute those who carry the national flag and thus stand for the dignity of the nation and country," First Vice President Amrullah Saleh posted on Twitter.

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