Corrupting the Doctrine of Lesser Magistrate: Texas Lower Court Ignores Texas Supreme Court in Mask Ruling

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  • 03/02/2023

A Texas judge ruled Monday that Bexar County may keep its mask mandate in place, contradicting a Sunday Texas Supreme Court ruling that prohibited such a thing.

Just one day after the high court sided with Gov. Abbott’s ban on mask mandates, State District Judge Antonia Arteaga approved the August 10th public school mask requirement, per The Hill. 

“My thoughts continue to be with those children in our schools that don't have access to the vaccine, but must attend school, coupled with the dire situation right here in Bexar County hospitals, and where we currently find ourselves,” Arteaga said. 

The mandate also applies to city and county offices in Bexar County, which includes the city of San Antonio. 

San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg celebrated the ruling, but acknowledged that trouble may lie ahead. 

“We do realize that the battle is not over,” he told My San Antonio. “We expect the state to appeal the judge's decision, and we’ll be there to defend our school children every step of the way.”

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