Texas Supreme Court Blocks Two School Districts From Forcing Mask Mandates

The Texas Supreme Court issued orders on Sunday blocking two school districts from forcing a mask mandate on students this fall. 

Siding with Gov. Greg Abbott, the orders encompass the school districts where Dallas and San Antonio are located. Both defied an executive order from Abbott outlawing mask mandates in the state of Texas, Just the News reports. 

“Relator’s emergency motion for temporary relief granted,” the justices wrote. “Stay order issued.” 

“The ban doesn’t prohibit using masks,” Abbott tweeted. “Anyone who wants to wear a mask can do so, including in schools.” 

Indeed, the ban simply prohibits schools from forcing students to wear masks. 

The Dallas Independent School District said Sunday it will still require masks this week, as students return to school. Dr. Michael Hinojosa made the decision after consulting with lawyers who determined the order was for Dallas County, but did not mention ISD, per Fox 4 News.