Harvard Medical Professor Censored for Questioning Legitimacy of Masks

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  • 03/02/2023

After facing suspension from Twitter, a Harvard Medical School professor started using LinkedIn to share his views on COVID-19 policies, but is now experiencing censorship there, too. 

Martin Kulldorff was suspended from Twitter for a month after questioning how effective masks really are at protecting against COVID-19. Now, LinkedIn is censoring his posts, even going so far as to remove two for violating its misinformation policy. 

In June, Kulldorff directed his Twitter followers to find his op-ed on mandatory COVID vaccines for young people on LinkedIn. “Twitter does not allow vaccine scientists to freely discuss vaccines,” he said. 

Now, he’s directing his LinkedIn followers to find him on Twitter, as his suspension is over. He now self-censors on Twitter, per Just the News.

The first post removed by LinkedIn pointed to his Epoch TV interview. The screenshot in the post read “Dangers of Vaccine Mandates,” referring to his criticism that mandates increase vaccine hesitancy. 

The other was a repost from Icelandic business consultant Thorsteinn Siglaugsson on comments by the Icelandic government’s top epidemiologist, who said that mass vaccination can’t stop COVID-19. 

“That is like censoring someone from quoting the CDC director, but for a smaller country,” Kulldorff said in an email. 

The CDC also kicked Kulldorff off a vaccine safety panel for publicly questioning its recommendation for a pause in distribution of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, then adopted his view shortly afterwards. 

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