Don't Look, Trust Us: North Carolina State Board of Elections Denies Audit Request

The North Carolina Board of Elections denied a request to examine voting machines, citing overriding federal authority under the Cyber and Infrastructure Security Agency. 

The request, made by the North Carolina House Freedom Caucus, was denied in a July 7 letter. 

As reported by the Epoch Times, Chairman of the caucus Rep. Keith Kidwell said that while there is a statute that requires state employees to comply with requests for data from the North Carolina General Assembly, the executive director of the board, Karen Brinson Bell, declined the request. 

Prior to the denial, the House Freedom Caucus met with the Board of Elections twice, and Kidwell said that Elections Systems & Software, the largest election vendor for North Carolina, agreed to provide access to three voting systems it manufactures. 

The vendor also indicated they’d be willing to take any inspected system at a randomly selected precinct by the Caucus and recertify the equipment so that there would be no cost to the Board or county. 

“We would not invade, compromise, or damage the machines,” Kidwell said in a press conference. “The only thing that would happen is the ES&S service technician would open, show us and allow us to see that there are no modems in the machines.”