Brent Hamachek Speaks at Liberty Forum Event

In its first in-person event since the pandemic, Human Events News Editor Brent Hamachek spoke at the Liberty Forum over the weekend, his speech titled “The Dissident’s Fight for Freedom in 21st Century America.” 

The talk touched on current events, classical political theory, ethics, and how we can embrace the spirit of Eastern European dissidents and fight for our freedom. Brent received two standing ovations.

“I was honored to be asked to address such a prestigious crowd with a history of high profile speakers,” Hamachek said. “I’m grateful for the opportunity, and I was especially pleased that the message resonated.”

One Eastern European immigrant from the Czech Republic approached Brent after the presentation and said, “I was a real dissident before the wall fell. Everybody in the world needs to hear the talk you just gave.” 

In regards to the speech, Liberty Forum Vice President Jane Kearney said: 

Like Rush and Victor Davis Hanson, Brent is an original thinker and is worthy of a significant audience. Strong intellect does not always deliver in a way that can be consumed by many and I saw last night that Brent has the ability to walk that line. He has the intense style and information that make you appropriately alert, while using self-deprecation to stay relatable, and humor to bring the tension level down so that his insights can be absorbed. There is also a palpable generosity Brent carries that sparks the better part of others. Great combination of qualities!