Brent Hamachek to Speak at Liberty Forum Event

Human Events News Editor Brent Hamachek will speak at a Liberty Forum event next Tuesday, titled “The Dissident’s Fight for Freedom in 21st Century America.” 

The event, which will take place both in-person and via live stream, will unpack what it means to be a 21st century American dissident. 

Event-goers will discover “why ‘liberals’ seem to be more willing to cheat than ‘conservatives?’ What is the real difference between us? What is the current power structure in today’s America, and where do those who value individual liberty fit in? What is the new American ‘iron curtain’ and what is its weakness? The battle to reclaim our heritage is likely to be a prolonged one. What specific steps can every freedom-loving American take to fight back?” 

“Brent delivers an inspiring, action-focused talk that will give us not only things to think about, but also things we can do in the battle to restore individual liberty and free market capitalism,” Liberty Forum wrote

The event will take place at 7:00 p.m. PDT in Santa Clara. Seating is limited, but if space permits, seats may become available for the general public. To register for the live steam featuring Hamachek, visit the Liberty Forum website here.