Asian Author Debunks Critical Race Theory

Author and president of Color Us United Kenny Xu debunked critical race theory in one statement: “Asian Americans showed that critical race theory cannot be true.” 

In a discussion with The Hill, Xu said the trying experiences and historical disadvantages in both Asian American and black communities were “of similar magnitude.” 

“We always try to posit the worst victim narrative that we could, and you just did for black Americans, but I could do the same for Asian Americans,” Xu said. 

He continued to say that racial discrimination in the United States is no longer an issue for Asian and black Americans: “we are not living in that history today.” 

“Asian success was kept and was discriminated against in this country, but we’re living in an era where that is no longer really the case,” Xu, author of An Inconvenient Minority: The Attack of Asian American Excellence and the Fight for Meritocracy, said. “And so you have to really focus on what cultural values are and how that forms the discourse.” 

“Asian American prove that you really can advance and achieve the American dream,” he said.