Biden's Baseball Blunder: Another Lie BUSTED

Joe Biden may be a lot of things, but truthful isn’t one of them – and this time, he really struck out. 

On Friday, Biden hosted the World Series winners, the Los Angeles Dodgers, at the White House. During the visit, he told the Dodgers that he hit a 368 foot home run off the right-centerfield wall during a Congressional baseball game, the Red State reports. 

He even claimed his “kids remember that.” 

However, here’s the problem with that odd flex. Zach Parkinson, RNC Research Director and GOP Deputy Communications Director, discovered that in 1974, Biden actually went 0-2 in the baseball game.  


Parkinson also suggested Biden was confused about the location the dreamt-up home run occurred. 


To no surprise, the White House declined to comment. 

Three strikes, you’re out.