Trump Returns to Campaign Trail, Hosts ‘Save America’ Rally in Ohio

After a nearly six-month hiatus from campaigning, President Donald Trump returned to center stage Saturday at his “Save America” rally in Wellington, Ohio. 

“Do you miss me?” Trump asked as the crowd erupted. “They miss me.” 

During the event, Trump rallied behind republican congressional candidate Max Miller and deplored his opponent, Rep. Anthony Gonzalez, Fox News reports. 

Trump blasted Gonzalez, who voted for impeachment, calling him a “sellout” and “disgrace.” 

“He’s a grandstanding RINO – not respected in D.C. – who voted for the unhinged, unconstitutional, illegal impeachment,” Trump said. 

Trump explained that he wasn’t only supporting Miller to spite Gonzalez. 

“That’s not the reason I’m doing this,” he said. “But I just thought that it was a character trait that was not so good.” 

But Gonzalez isn’t the only politician who took hits. Trump called out other members of the republican party who he believes betrayed the GOP, including Rep. Liz Cheney and Sen. Mitt Romney.