People Injured by Vaccine Turn to GoFundMe For Support

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  • 03/02/2023

Amidst the new warning issued by the CDC regarding the risk of myocarditis from the Chinese coronavirus vaccine, and in light of other recognized side effects such as neural functional disorder, Human Events News thought it would be interesting to visit the pages of the popular crowd funding site to see if there were stories to be found from vaccine reaction sufferers.

According to research compiled by a group in Colorado’s Mesa County, as of June 25 there were 180 GoFundMe accounts seeking assistance for people who have suffered from the aftereffects of the Chinese coronavirus vaccine. Without any representation as to the underlying veracity of the claims, here is a small sampling of some of the stories. 

For a person identified only as a nurse by the name of “Kelli,” here is an excerpt from a post on her behalf:

Kelli has been fighting hard with a very tough battle of Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS), a rare autoimmune disease which attacks the nerves and causes paralysis. Kelli has been battling this disease for over 7 weeks now and was first admitted to the hospital on 3/30/21. Her doctors believe it was brought on by the 2nd Pfizer COVID vaccine. Kelli was healthy before the vaccine and got it to protect her patients.

This post is from the wife of Virgil Brimley, an independent contractor who works in the computer technology field. The post begins with mention of his efforts as a volunteer early on in the pandemic:

On April 23, 2021 at about 2:15 he received his 2nd Pfizer shot and about 10 to 12 hours later, he fell face down to the floor and had a seizure. He was rushed to Baptist Hospital and now is in ICU. I called everyone I knew to ask them to pray for him. He is getting better but not out of the woods yet. I ask that everyone keep praying. Virgil is an independent contractor, so if he works we can pay the light bill if he doesn't we can't. We honestly don't know how much the medical bills will be and when or if he will be able to get back to the profession he knows and loves (COMPUTERS).

The brother of Rachel Cecere, a single, working-mother, shared this story in an attempt to help his sister:

Rachael received her first COVID-19 Vaccine (Pfizer) on Wednesday, April 14th and woke up in a terrified state, in full-bodied paralysis at 1:30 am the next morning. She had to yell for her 3-year-old daughter Bristol to call for help. She was taken by ambulance to Jefferson Hospital where they treated her with oxygen, took a CT scan, and they then immediately sent her to Allegheny General Hospital (AGH) by ambulance. AGH ran several tests including blood work, a 2-hour MRI, and a Spinal tap. With all these tests and her medical history, she is a healthy 33-year-old and the only unknown is this vaccine. As things progressed, she was then taken to the Cleveland Clinic by ambulance.  The Cleveland Clinic ran another gauntlet of tests and they confirmed she had a distress reaction from the vaccine that caused her nervous system to trigger paralysis.  

These are just a sampling of posts from the site noted for censoring content related to conservative causes. The politicization of opposition to the vaccine has placed any content related to skepticism or concerns at risk of being pulled from websites and social media outlets. To date, these posts and other have been permitted to remain.  

Human Events News talked with Janelle Routhier, OD, MBA, a former executive within the pharmaceutical and medical device industries with experience in clinical trials, research & development, and marketing. She is an expert in translating scientific material into language the average person can understand. Because of her unique background and passion for transparency, she has been closely studying the COVID-19 vaccine's adverse event reporting to help the public better comprehend the risks associated with these experimental treatments.  

“One of the real issues that is not being discussed enough is the degree of what is happening in these cases involving adverse vaccine responses,” Dr. Routhier said. "We typically think of vaccine reactions as being things like rashes, fevers, or other symptoms that eventually recede. What we are seeing now are what can be more properly described as being vaccine injuries. People are being physically harmed by vaccines and that is to some degree atypical.”

Dr. Routhier points out that this may be contributing to the need for GoFundMe requests. “If someone is required to take a vaccine in order to return to work, and then is injured by the vaccine making them unable to work, this is not the kind of injury recognized under workman’s compensation insurance,” she notes. "That means people have a debilitating injury that is work related but not recognized as being such. They then might have to turn to private charity to replace some of their lost income.”

Regarding the post vaccine incidence of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) and pericarditis (swelling and irritation of the thin tissue around the heart), Dr. Routhier points to VAERS data going back twenty years that compares these two types of reactions as they are associated with conventional flu shots versus the new Chinese coronavirus preventatives: 

In a story dated June 10, AA Reporting stated that the CDC has 226 verified cases of myocarditis and pericarditis in people under 30 and that the affliction rate exceeds that of the expected rate for people in that age group. The story states that myocarditis and pericarditis in people ages 12-24 make up about 53% of the total reports after a second dose. These age groups only make up about 9% of the doses administered. Across all ages, 789 cases of myocarditis and pericarditis have been reported. The most common symptoms were chest pain, elevated cardiac enzymes, ST or T wave changes, dyspnea, and abnormal echocardiography/imaging.

“All of this needs to be investigated more,” states Dr. Routhier. “When people are injured by these vaccines that they are essentially forcibly pressured into ‘voluntarily’ taking, nobody is addressing how they are supposed to take care of their families. Nobody is addressing if the potential risks are worth taking when we are talking about people who stand very little statistical risk of a serious health threat should they contract the actual disease.”

Research done by the Heritage Foundation last year showed that only .2% of all Chinese coronavirus deaths were in people under the age of 25. The risk of death in people in that age group, according to CDC data, is virtually statistically insignificant.

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