Anti-Critical Race Theory Organization Launches with Over $1m in Advertisements

As critical race theory continues to cripple our nation, a new organization is doing what they can to stand up against it. 

The group, Free to Learn Coalition, launched Thursday with over $1 million in advertisements, according to Fox News. The organization is running ads on national cable networks and in local markets, specifically targeting New York City, Arizona and Virginia. 

According to the website, the group supports “the basic principle that students should be:

  • Free to learn:
  • Free to ask questions
  • Free to develop individual thoughts and opinions
  • Free to think critically of ideas and concepts
  • Free to achieve”

The organization’s president, Alleigh Marré, lives in Virginia, where critical race theory has posed a series of controversies. In particular, Loudoun County has experienced heated school board meetings over the topic of critical race theory in school curriculum. 

One of Free to Learn Coalition’s advertisements is focused in Fairfax County, where the nation’s top high school is being sued for alleged anti-Asian discrimination in a new admissions process. 

“While our students fall behind the world in reading, writing, math and science, bureaucrats in Fairfax County are weakening Thomas Jefferson High School, one of the best in the country,” the advertisement says. 

It continues to call for an end to “political agendas.” 

“Our kids deserve better.” 

Marré told Fox News that “while American students fall behind the rest of the world in reading, writing, math and science, our school systems are prioritizing political agendas over academic achievement.” 

“After a year of having a seat in the classroom with virtual learning, parents across the nation have had enough,” she continued. “Free to Learn will help parents hold school boards and administrators accountable.”