CHRISSY CLARK: Trans student who beat 7th grader with Stanley Cup had 'hit list'

A seventh-grade student in Pennsylvania was beaten over the head with a Stanley Cup by a 13-year-old male who identifies as female last week. The whole thing was caught on video.

One middle school student named Emily recounted the events at a school board meeting, according to a video obtained by Reduxx. Emily claimed that a 13-year-old transgender-identifying student repeatedly bashed a classmate in the head with a stainless steel Stanley tumbler. 

Emily said that the violent attack was unprovoked and left students traumatized. 


“I just hear all this screaming and everybody running,” Emily recounted. “All of a sudden you just hear these terrible loud bangs of the Stanley [cup] bouncing off her head.” 

It’s unclear what motivated the attacker. Parents claim that the transgender-identifying student had a “hit list” of students he planned to target. The “hit list” was reportedly brought to the attention of school administrators, who reportedly did nothing in response. 

It has additionally been reported that the biological male student who hospitalized his young peer was detained after he attempted to attack police at his hearing. He may be facing additional charges for assaulting a police officer, according to North Penn Now

The alleged assailant’s first appearance in court occurred on April 22 on charges of felony aggravated assault. According to the Upper Gwynedd Police Chief, the judge detained the juvenile after he swung a large water jug and swung it at deputies. 

The male student is being held in custody at the Montgomery County Youth Center. Police say the student will undergo an evaluation to determine how long he will be held at the center.

The legal names of the alleged assailant and the victim remain unknown as they’re both minors. However, the biological identity of the assailant has been notably missing from reports. The New York Post dubbed the assailant “she” in all reports. North Penn Now dubs the assailant a “they/them” in reports as well. 

This piece first appeared at TPUSA.

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