The Vote On Our Right To Vote: HR1 and S1 Take Center Stage Today

In true underhanded fashion democrats are planning on a vote to push through HR1/S1, For The People Act, which will be a federal take over of our election system. Many Americans are not even aware of what the bill is or will do, and the rush to push it through will be met with a Republican filibuster. Schumer is of course playing racial and party line politics, all without reference to fact, but rather the fiction he propagates alongside his nefarious colleagues.

The Democratic-controlled Senate will hold a procedural vote on an amended version of the House-passed “For The People Act,” which will require at least 10 GOP senators to join all 50 Democrats to clear the needed 60-vote threshold.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called the bill an effort to respond to restrictive voting laws in GOP-led states like Georgia but argued that the procedural vote is simply to allow debate and an amendment process that will shape the eventual bill.

The Honest Elections Project and its executive director Jason Snead has been doing a deep dive into HR1/S1. After researching the bill, HEP concludes it will not make voting easier, safer or more secure. It will in fact undermine those very items lessening the integrity of our voting process.

The Honest Elections Project talked to the people and polled voters on their opinions about previous elections. What they found was strong support of our current election system. Most voters said that casting their ballot in 2020 was easy and that there were no hurdles oppressing their opportunities to make their vote count. The data found in this polling is actually in direct opposition to the messaging from the left led by Pelosi and Schumer.

Honest Elections Project found that only 29% of voters know anything about what’s IN the bill, and when they find out what’s in it, only 28% support it.

Here’s why:

· Voters oppose taxpayer-funded political campaigns (67% of voters oppose per Echelon insights)

· Voters support ID requirements while S. 1 would gut them (77% of all voters, 75% of independents, 63% of Democrats, 64% of black voters, 77% of Hispanic voters ALL support voter ID requirements per HEP) Monmouth found yesterday that 80% of voters support it, meaning that support is rising even as we’re having this conversation about “Jim Crow 2.”

· Voters despise ballot trafficking (Only 11% of voters think ballot harvesting – having paid political operatives and paid organizers to have direct access to absentee voters as they vote and then take unsupervised possession of their ballots – should be legal per HEP)

As the voting process gets underway, we will be watching closely who supports this federal take over of our right to vote.