Gang boss 'Barbecue' blames US for lawlessness in Haiti as UN approved international force heads to Port au Prince: report

Haitian gangs paraded in the streets of the chaos-stricken country over the weekend in a "show of force," per an NPR Report. The notorious gang boss of the G9 federation of gangs, former cop Jimmy Cherizier aka "Barbecue" told the outlet that he expects a lot of bloodshed once international forces arrive.

He also reportedly blamed the US for Haiti's current condition, saying that it interfered with what Haitians truly want for their country by helping to establish a council that would oversee elections.

Cherizier is a former elite police officer-turned-gang-boss who revolted against the government and has now been regarded as the most powerful man in Haiti. In March, he claimed responsibility for the organized attacks in Port-au-Prince that ended with over 4,000 inmates being freed from 2 main prisons.

He insisted that his violent efforts were noble and that his goal was to overthrow former Prime Minister Ariel Henry and get help for Haiti's famished poor population. Henry has since resigned.

NPR stated that Cherizier "learned that politicians created the gangs, that they used them and the police to do their dirty work, to target their business rivals and their enemies. And so he started fighting against the political elite to try to change the system."

He did not refute that his gangs have been raping women and burning down houses when questioned by the outlet, which reported that around 2,500 Haitians were killed or injured due to gang violence in the beginning months of 2024.

"Everything you say right now is true," he replied. "But all of the extortion and all of the mistreatment is because the government allowed those things to happen."

He also told the outlet that the US government carried "responsibility" for his country's current state for helping to establish a 9-member transitional council to oversee elections after interim Prime Minister Ariel Henry resigned officially in April.

Cherizier said that "the transitional council is not the will of the Haitian people. This is what Washington wants ... and this is what they have imposed."

Kenya is set to lead an international security force that was approved by the UN Security Council in October to aid Haiti's police force in combatting rampant violence. The deal was secured by Henry before his resignation.

Kenya had initially pledged 1000 officers last July, but their deployment was repeatedly delayed due to court challenges and the coordinated attacks in March. Jamaica, the Bahamas, Barbados, Benin, Chad and Bangladesh have also agreed to contribute personnel to the force.

Contractors arrived in Haiti to begin establishing bases for the international force last week, per Reuters. A Kenyan government spokesperson stated that deployment of the force was now "on course" but did not answer when it would happen.

Cherizier told NPR that in light of this, his gangs are "preparing for a long fight" and that "he expects a lot of bloodshed." He told the outlet he believes the international forces will grow tired and leave the country eventually.

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