KENNY CODY: Trump will restore the conservative vision of America

Over the past three years, former President Donald Trump has been subjected to bureaucratic and political weaponization, pushed by deep state actors. Not only has he spent millions upon millions of dollars on legal expenses stemming from the multiple rigged cases brought against him, but he has now taken time off of the campaign trail as a presidential candidate. Never before in American history has a presidential candidate been through the turmoil influenced by his opponent, President Joe Biden, that Trump during an election cycle. Nearly every metric and aspect of the matchup against Biden is turned against Trump. Yet, he continues to lead by significant margins in swing states and overall general election polling.

It is a testament to Trump's appeal that he remains a strong contender despite being reviled, vilified, and despised by the mainstream media. Their efforts to sway public opinion have been in vain, as Trump is still the favorite to win the general election. The United States citizenry yearns for a return to his tenure, a time when America was safe, secure, and economically prosperous.

However, America does not necessarily need the same presidency it witnessed Trump preside over from 2017 until 2021, but a regime that will give a proper shot back to the deep state agents of chaos that caused America to kowtow to a belligerent tyrant who is as incoherent as he is evil. Trump's first term brought America back to being for its interest above all else. It made citizens confident in their buying power, nationalism, and comfortability living in their own country. 

Now, America is bearing witness to the most blatant polarization of anti-conservative, anti-Christian, and anti-patriotic policy and rhetoric that it has ever seen before in United States history. Not only is it obvious, but it is genuinely intentional that the Biden Administration and the far left are demonizing the very groups of citizens that founded the bedrock of America. By demonizing those such as pro-lifers or abortion abolitionists, January 6th participants, and prioritizing cultural Marxism over American values, The United States is amid its empire crumbling to mere bits. America needs not just a return to a pre-Biden presidency but one that will turn the country around as quickly as possible through immediate action.

Luckily, the roots of this call to action have already been planted by President Trump in a recent interview in a Time Magazine cover story entitled, "If He Wins." In the article, Trump lays out the most complete and detailed explanation of what his second term would look like thus far into his now third presidential candidacy. Trump explained to interviewer Eric Cortellessa that his first term would instantly overturn the Biden Administration's effects on the United States and the rest of the world. Trump stated that he intended to carry out a mass deportation of millions of illegal immigrants, pardon January 6th protestors, fire United States attorneys that do not carry out prosecutions he instructs them to follow through on, withhold funds appropriated by Congress, and leave countries out to dry in terms of aid if they were not paying their fair share to the U.S. If even one of these actions gets accomplished by the chief executive of our country, it would already be the most consequential presidency we have seen in the modern era of politics, let alone if Trump can work with Congress and his cabinet to accomplish the rest. 

Trump represents a sense of angst, frustration, and retaliation against the left. In their effort to prioritize the LGBT community, Palestine, Ukraine, and race pandering to earn votes, President Biden and the Democrats have left everyone else to perish. Whether it be moderates, conservative Christians, or even center-left Democrats, all groups besides those that bow down to the cult of Marxism are polarized to accept social identities, policies, and culture that do not mesh with the everyday American. 

For America to return to being a conservative nation, the policies Trump has promised have to come to fruition through power. To return to normalcy, the next administration has to undo all of the actions that the Biden Administration prioritized and then use the precedents set by it to fight the deep state from the inside out. While the Biden administration has normalized the country in being anti-white, anti-Christian, and anti-conservative, Trump's actions will likely return America to the global superpower that it is intended to be with the socially conservative culture that made it the promised land in the first place.

America is the gold standard because of our unity under God, not our embrace of the world's traditions. While the Biden Administration has amended the country to become a secularist state absent of morality, Trump would return the country to being one nation that is proud of its nationalist and Christian identity. While a Christian state is not Trump's intention, overturning a presidential administration's policy solutions that have made the country a bastion of progressive agnosticism would be an ideal launching pad in America, turning back to what made it great in the first place. 

Our country was founded on Christian principles with conservative solutions, and a Trump second term that is willing to fight back against the progressive far left that the Democratic Party has become is the first step in taking America back. Trump needs to become a lone bulwark against the Marxist left's insanity.

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