Nevada Takes Step Toward Making Election Fraud Part of the Normal Process

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  • 03/02/2023

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak signed a bill into law Wednesday creating a permanent mail-in voting system and other reforms that will inevitably increase voter fraud. 

The bill passed along party lines in the state Assembly and Senate, both controlled by democrats. 

 “At a time when state legislatures across the country are attempting to roll back access to the polls, I am so proud that Nevada continues to push forward with proven strategies that make voting more accessible and secure,” Sisolak said in a statement to the Epoch Times.

Sisolak also wrote on Twitter that the new law makes Nevada “the sixth state to adopt a permanent vote-by-mail system.” 

Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Utah and Washington are the other five states that have existing permanent mail-in-voting systems, in which voters are automatically sent mail-in ballots around election time. 

Under the new Nevada law, every registered voter will receive a ballot for all elections unless they opt out by submitting a written notice. It also allows the clerks to verify signatures manually or electronically, and to establish requirements for an electronic device to verify signatures. 

If the voter does not put a signature on the ballot or there is a question regarding the signature matching, the voter is allowed to provide a signature or confirmation no later than 5 p.m. on the sixth day after an election. 

Additionally, the law allows for same day voter registration. 

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