COCA-COLA FIZZES OUT: County Votes to Ban Coke Machines Following Georgia Law Criticism 

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  • 03/02/2023

A county in North Carolina voted to ban Coca-Cola machines in government buildings following the company's criticism of Georgia’s new voter integrity law. 

If you’re looking for an ice-cold Coke, Surry County may not be the place for you. 

“The left-wing in America, they defund. They boycott. They cancel. They tear down statues. All sorts of egregious actions,” Surry County commissioner Eddie Harris said, per the Epoch Times. “The expectation from them is the opposing political side will cower in the corner. We are supposed to accept that. It is supposed to be okay. It is not okay.” 

Last month, the county commissioners voted 3-2 to remove Coca-Cola’s vending machines. 

In a letter Harris sent to Coca-Cola’s executives, he noted that many are still skeptical about the 2020 election results. 

“Millions of Americans believe that the last presidential election was not held in a fair manner and that more voter fraud will occur in the future if elections are not closely monitored and regulated,” he wrote. He added that the Georgia election bill was signed due to “chaos that transpired.”

‘I Have seen no public statements from you or Coca-Cola regarding the placement of China’s ethnic Uighurs and Turkic Muslim minorities in concentration camps,” he continued. “Where is your outrage of this persecution in a communist country in which Coca-Cola is heavily invested?” 

A spokesperson for Coca-Cola Consolidated, a separate bottling entity, told a local news station that the firm is attempting to conduct a meeting with the Surry County executives. 

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