Judge in Texas Google Lawsuit Refuses to Transfer Case to California

A Texas judge hearing a state antitrust lawsuit against Google denied a request Thursday for the case to be moved to California, where the company is fighting similar lawsuits. 

Google requested the case be moved to the Gold Coast for several reasons, including that its headquarters are located there, as are many of the witnesses who would likely be called to testify. 

Judge Sean Jordan of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas disagreed that their reasoning was adequate, per Reuters

“Google has failed to meet its burden to establish that the Northern District of California is a clearly more convenient venue for the…litigation than the Eastern District of Texas,” he wrote. 

Texas and several other states filed lawsuits against the company in mid-December, accusing it of breaking antitrust law and arguing it wrongfully dominates all steps in the process of digital advertising. 

However, Google has denied any wrongdoing. 

The government antitrust lawsuit is one of three filed against Google at the present time. One other was filed by the U.S. Justice Department, and one was filed by a group of states with different allegations.